LT4000M Series (modular) Features


Compact all-in-one unit for easy installation in small spaces

All-in-one design makes it easy to keep equipment compact and allows installation in a φ22 mm hole for easy panel mounting. Easily troubleshoot equipment by replacing the display unit or the control unit.
*Installation in a hole newly opened by a tool or the 22-mm hole used for the switch.

Flexible installation choices for separated or integrated configurations

Use a separation cable* to install the control unit on a DIN rail and the operation unit in a different location. Operation unit is space-saving, and it allows you to install the unit flexibly even though it is difficult to install it due to limitations of space.
*Requires separate 3m or 5m option cable.

Ethernet Multi-Link function

The Ethernet Multi-Link function allows you to easily add a display unit as a sub-display to the facility without changing any settings of the control device.

Conforms to overseas standards for hassle-free export and use with overseas equipment

UL Hazardous Locations Class I, Division 2 Group A, B, C and D.


Improving development efficiency and maintaining technical know-how

Screens and logic programs can be edited with the same software, and the same addresses or user-defined control symbols can be shared for both screen parts and logic elements with drag-and-drop operation. Controller addresses can be written directly to help reduce development time.
Using the Function Block feature lets you reuse configured logic components and protect technical know-how via password protection.<br>
Image of Ladder Logic screen. Instruction List Logic screen also available.
*IEC 61131-3-compliant

Convert entire projects with Project Converter

GP-Pro EX supports screens made using previous models of LT Series.
Data created in GP-Pro/PBIII for Windows or later versions can be converted instantly in Project Converter.

Many pre-configured sample screen for immediate use

A variety of ready-made sample parts are available for download. Sample parts can be used immediately after download, which lets you significantly reduce time spent on screen design.

Connect to a wide range of control equipment

Pro-face HMIs support connection with a wide range of industrial controllers including PLCs, motion controllers, robots, and other devices.
*Only for units with Ethernet.
*Only for LT4000M Series.

CANopen Networking

The LT4000M provides data exchange with various remote devices via CANopen for an economical and user-friendly system design. Choose between standard I/O modules or more sophisticated products such as motion or control for complex applications.

Enhanced Recipe function

With the conventional recipe function, all recipe data must be stored at continuous addresses. The new recipe function allows writing random addresses and multiple data formats as a recipe.

CSV data transfer function

Since the CSV data stored in the USB memory/SD card can be edited, the recipe data can easily be carried for performing updates on-site. The alarm message can be easily changed with CSV files only.

Sampling in different device formats

Text, bits, and variables that could only be set for devices as numeric values can now be mixed. Connected devices + internal addresses can also be set.

Utilize Siemens PLC's tag and improve efficiency

As the tag information of STEP7 Project Files created by Siemens PLC can be imported to GP-Pro EX screen data, you can reduce the man-hours for screen creation.

Tag Import
S7-200 SeriesS7-300/400 SeriesS7-1200 Series

See the following manual for the data type which can be imported.

Easy and flexible configuration of lamps and switches

Lamps can be configured in six colors with four lighting states in the screen editor software, GP-Pro EX.
EZ illuminated switches feature easily customizable insert labels.
* For example: HOME, Change Screen, Change, Speed, Run, Stop, Reset, Auto, Manual and etc...

Configuring settings smoothly

When settings need to be configured frequently, the increase in the number of cramped data entry screens to accommodate on-screen numeric keypads and the number of times the operator needs to switch between screens leads to reduced operability and misoperation. Using the EZ Numeric Keypad frees up screen real estate, leading to improved operability. This reduces the stress associated with frequent settings configuration.

Additional features:
  • Tactile feedback for reliable input operation.
  • Input numbers and letters even when wearing gloves.
  • Prevents deterioration of display caused by operation with dirty hands.

Fingerprint Authentification on HMI Operation

The EZ fingerprint recognition unit can reduce problems or accidents caused by inappropriate password use.
Fingerprint data is registered and maintained through an HMI or PC connected to the fingerprint recognition unit.
* Fingerprint data for up to 100 users can be stored.
*To purchase the EZ fingerprint recognition unit, contact to your local Pro-face distributor.


Compact Size

The crisp display let you create easy-to-read yet detailed operation screens. The integrated control functionality provides Digital I/O, Analog I/O, and Analog temperature inputs as well as USB, serial, and Ethernet communication ports.

Easily verify and debug projects with GP-Pro EX

GP-Pro EX Simulation is an off-line simulation function which enables verification of screens, logic programs, and program operation without connecting to an HMI.

Easily connect to the production site from the office

Use remote monitoring software, GP-Viewer* or data management software, Pro-Server EX* to easily monitor and control HMI screens on the production site, or distribute instruction data and collect real-time production data.
*Requires separate license.

Pro-face Remote HMI

The natural link between the process and your tablet or smartphone. By adding the APP true mobile operation will be possible without loss of operability. Confirm the cause of an error directly with your mobile device and see if the machine can be put back into operation without going on site.

Pro-Server EX

Collect information of operation progress on a PC via Ethernet network. Download operating instructions, such as recipes, from an office PC to a GP.
*Purchase of a separate license is required.

GP-Viewer EX

The screen of theHMI on the site can be monitored from a PC at a remote location.
*Purchase of a separate license is required.

Searching/sorting alarm and sampling history

Easy ascending/descending sorting and conditional search using symbols such as =, > or < of Alarm Part and Sampling Display.

Analyze problem causes easily with historical trend graphs

GP-Pro EX provides the ability to display error logs in graph form, making it easy to analyze the causes of a problem.
Supported features include enlarged/reduced display, auxiliary line display for upper and lower limits, and XY scatter graphs.

Adjustments with COGNEX In-Sight vision system

In combination with a COGNEX In-Sight vision system, the settings can be changed when watching images from the cameras onHMI on site.
*A communication driver supports In-Sight Micro series and In-Sight 5000 series.
*You can view video images from up to 3 cameras on a single screen. Up to 16 cameras can be connected to HMI. Display position (X/Y), exposure time, focus, lighting and brightness can be adjusted on HMI.

Alarm Analysis function

When an error occurs, an operator can easily seek and check the condition on-site, just by touching the alarm message to call up various error-related data in chronological order. An alarm analysis screen with timing chart of alarm-related device addresses can be simply configured only through a few steps on GP-Pro EX software for easy troubleshooting, debugging and/or design changes of production equipment to reduce downtime for enhanced productivity.

Sampling Data - Collecting various data during production

Temperature, voltage, and other desired address values can be stored in the GP. Data and times can be confirmed on the sampling display.

Historical Trend Graph - Displaying data in an easy-to-see graph

The change in the collected data over time is displayed in an easy-to-understand form with a graph. The graph can be traced back to see the past data.

Operation Log - Recording the operator's operation

Operations are saved to a log, so you can see who did what, and when. The log can also be used for a trend analysis of erroneous operation of operators.