Brand History


1972- Digital Electronics Corporation was founded in Osaka, Japan, and started manufacturing and selling electronic equipment.
1981- Developed a dedicated computer for a dental office.
1983- Developed the DP Series, an intelligent configurable color graphics terminal. (Company's first Human Machine Interface)
1989- Developed the GP Series, the world’s first programmable graphic terminal.
1990- Started a telephone technical support service.
- Established INDE Electronics, Inc., a development center, in Canada.
1991- Developed the PL Series, the world’s first panel computer.
1993- Launched the GP-230 Series, the industry’s first mid-sized QVGA LCD HMI.
1995- Established Pro-face Korea Co., Ltd. in Seoul, South Korea.
- Started holiday telephone technical support.
- Launched the GP70 Series, the industry’s first HMI with a 32-bit RISC chip.
1996- Established Pro-face Europe B.V. in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
- Received ISO 9001 certification, the international standard for quality management.
- Developed the industry’s first HMI with controller.
1997- Developed the industry’s first Windows-compatible screen editing software.
1999- Entered into a “Windows CE System Integrator” contract with Microsoft Corporation.
2000- Launched the GP2000 Series, IT HMI, and a new technology which allows for displaying its screens over the Internet.
- Launched the PS Series Panel Computer with Windows CE installed.
2001- Launched the LT Series, HMI with controller.
- Established Wuxi Pro-face Electronics Co., Ltd. in Wuxi, China.
2002- Launched "Otasuke Pro!," Pro-face technical support website.
2003- Launched the ST Series, small HMI for the market of small-sized graphic operator interface.
2004- Received ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems.
2005- Launched the GP3000 Series, HMI supporting multimedia.
2006- Complied with the European RoHS directive to eliminate hazardous substances on all Pro-face models..
- Upgraded "GP-Pro EX," HMI screen editor software, to support all 3000 Series.
2007- Opened a sales office in India, as part of a full-scale expansion into the BRIC countries.
2008- Fully introduced corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and “Table For Two” (food assistance) and Eco-cap campaigns.
- Launched the PL-3900T Series, an industrial personal computer with 19-inch screen.
- Received international marine certification for 6 models of the GP3000 Series.
2009- Launched the GP-3000U Series, low-light-reflection, ultra high-brightness HMI.
- Launched the GP4100 Series, compact high-performance HMI.
2010- Launched 12.1-inch class of Low Light-Reflection and Ultra-High Brightness Models; Sharp visibility in well-lit locations.
- Added large, 12.1" display that provides optimal performance in direct sunlight to low-reflectance, high-luminance series.
2011- Opened further two Sales offices, "Delhi Gurgaon Office "and "Pune Office", in India.
- Opened Pro-face Singapore Office in Pro-face South-east Asia Pacific area.
- Launched "PS-4000B"; Industrial Built-in Computer, with High-Speed CPU, Newest OS and Interface.
- Launched the programmable GP4000 Series display, which uses up to 84% less power than previous Pro-face models.
2012- Launched the industrial computer PS4000 Series.
- The 40th year in business
- Launched the EZ Series that connect to programmable HMI via a USB connection and allow setting changes on HMI.
2013- Launched Pro-face Remote HMI, production site remote monitoring software for smartphones and tablets.
- Cumulative sales of HMI in the world exceeded 3,000,000 units.
- Launched the LT4000M Series, a modular-type HMI + Control that can be installed in a ø22 mm circular hole.
2014- Opened a Pro-face Indonesia office in the Indonesian capital Jakarta.
- Launched "PE4000 Series"; an embedded industrial computer, 60% smaller by volume than the previous ones.
- Launched the new interface terminal, SP5000 Series.
- Relocated our head office to Kitahama, Osaka City.
2015- Launched "SP5000 Series", Wireless LAN model.
- Launched "PS5000 Series", the highest performance industrial PC.
2016- Launched compact high-performance HMI, "GP4100 Series", color display model.
- Launched full lineup of "PS5000 Series", the highest perfomance industrial PC.
- Launched handheld HMI "GP4000H Series"
2017- Launched high-function data-collecting device "Multi-Converter (Multi-Data Box).
- Launched the new data collection device, Pro-face IoT Gateway.
2018- Launched Line management Light SCADA, BLUE Open Studio.
2019- Launched out door HMI, SP5000X
- 30th Anniversary of the HMI - Achieved over 5 million HMI units sold in the market.
- Launched basic Web HMI, STW6000.