Connectable Devices

Tested Devices

The following table lists the devices we tested. No specific communication drivers, not guarantee the operation in all environments.

Tested device typeManufacturerTested device nameTested
connection method
Communication DriverResult Date
Temperature and Process ControllersAzbil CorporationC1MSIO (Serial Input / Output)GP-4401TGP-Pro ExController(CPL) & MODBUS SIO MasterSeptember 2, 2022
PLCHitachiS10VE(CPU:LQP600&LQE260-E,Link I/F:LQE260-E)EthernetGP-4601TGP-Pro ExHitachi, Ltd. - S10V Series EthernetSeptember 17, 2021
PrinterEPSONVP-D800USB, USB-PIOGP-4601TGP-Pro Ex-August 5, 2021
BCRDenso / Sanwa SupplyHC76TU(Denso), BCR-006(Sanwa)USBGP-4301TWGP-Pro Ex-August 31, 2021
Protocol ConverterSilexFBR-100ANEthernetGP-4601TGP-Pro ExModbus-IDA / General MODBUS SIO MasterJuly 7, 2021
PLCFuji Electric Co., Ltd.NC1P-S0+NC1L-RS4-Z4SIO (Serial Input / Output)GP-4601TGP-Pro ExMICREX-F Series SIOJune 11, 2021
MotorOriental MotorBLVD-KRDCANopen GP-Pro ExCAN open DriverMay 3, 2021
TabletLogitecWindows Slim (LZ-WA10/W1), Windows Pro (LZ-WB10H/W1), Android Slim (LZ-AA10C/A1) Ethernet Pro-face Remote HMI-March 1, 2021
PLCMitsubishi Electric CorporationFX5UJEthernetGP-4301TMGP-Pro ExiQ-R/F Ethernet(SLMP Client) February 26, 2021
BCRIDECQD2430-WHUSBGP-4301TGP-Pro Ex-February 24, 2021
PLCMitsubishi Electric CorporationFREQROL-A800SIO (Serial Input / Output)GP-4601TGP-Pro ExFREQROL InverterOctober 8, 2020
Temperature and Process ControllersOmron CorporationE5CD-RX2A6M-002, E5GC-RX1A6M-015, E5CC-TQX3ASM-002, E5CN-HR2H01-FLKSIO (Serial Input / Output) GP-Pro ExTemp. Controller CompoWay/FOctober 8, 2020
TabletLogitecLZ-AA10C/A2GEthernet Pro-face Remote HMI-October 27, 2021