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Freestyle Software BLUE

Freestyle Software

Revolution new software, BLUE will offer an alternative experience in hardware design.
Anyone can easily create and change dynamic screens that allow for gesture operation. Multi-device and multi-resolution software out of limitation of hardware.
BLUE will provide a ground-breaking free design style.

Software Licenses

Product Name Model # Description Supported Model
BLUE 2016 SP2 Standard PFXBLBTSDV24 BLUE 2016 SP2 Screen Editor Standard License, DVD Pro-face IPC, SP5000 Series, GP411xT Series
BLUE 2016 SP2 Express *1 PFXBLBTEPV24 BLUE 2016 SP2 Screen Editor Express License, License key code GP411xT Series
(Pro-face IPC License)
License for Pro-face IPC products only
Pro-face IPC

*1 In order to install this product, separate BLUE 2016 SP2 installer is necessary. For further information, please contact our local Pro-face sales office.

Supported Hardware Models

GP4100 Series

Display Size Product Name Model No.
4.3" GP4114T PFXGP4114T2D
GP4115T PFXGP4115T2D
GP4116T PFXGP4116T2D

SP5000 Series

Box Module Type Product Name Model No.
Open Box SP-5B40 PFXSP5B40
Power Box SP-5B10 PFXSP5B10

PS5000 Series

Display Size Product Name Model No.
22" Wide PS-5900W PFXP*2N***********
19" Wide PS-5821W PFXPS2M***********
PS-5811W PFXPS2K***********
PS-5800W PFXP*2L***********
15" Wide PS-5711W PFXPS2H***********
PS-5701W PFXPS2G***********
PS-5700W PFXP*2J***********
15" PS-5700T PFXP*27***********
10" Wide PS-5501W PFXPS2C***********
Box Type PS-5000B PFXP*2************

PS4000 Series

Display Size Product Name Model No.
19" PS-4800 PP18***00N000N1
15" PS-4700 P*17***00N000N1
12" PS-4600 PFXP*16*********00
Box Type PS-4000B PB1B**D00N000N1

PE4000B Series

Display Size Product Name Model No.
Box Type PE-4000B PFXPEBBD42DNN1