HMI Solutions for Semiconductor Manufacturing and industry

SolutionsHigh FlexibilitySimple VisibilityStrong ReliabilityImprove abilityReduce costCase study

As HMI specialists, we offer pro-face solutions to the semiconductor segments with Connectivity, Reliability, and Effectivity.

It realizes Secure remote monitoring and smart operation on the facility for the semiconductor, especially for Water, Gases Supply Systems, Chemical, Wast Chemical, Exhaust, AMHS, and Cleanroom systems.​

Pro-face Quality 3 Key Points



Easy connection to major PLC and devises
  • OMRON Corporation
  • Siemens AG
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Peace of mind with long life and availability.
  • It is partially coated against high humidity and dust as a standard.
  • Full PCBA coating against corrosive gas
  • ATEX Certification


One software covers all hardware and application
  • Leverage existing assets with GP-Pro EX


Download the Solution Guide to learn more about our products, application, use cases and more!
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Use Cases

  • Remote monitoring system
  • Embedded Camera Application
  • Thermal Camera Monitoring System
  • Customization
  • IRIS scanner
  • Tablet for mobile HMI operation
  • E-Mail transmission

Pro-face Remote HMI


Pro-face Remote HMI is remote monitoring software for mobile and allows you to check equipment information on a tablet or smartphone.

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