Increasing information value in 3 Steps by effectively processing information with Pro-face

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Processing information is the key to making smart decisions. Nowadays, people have an endless amount of information at their fingertips. While we may understand the power of that information, we may not always have the tools to use it effectively.

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We have all felt the excitement of going to a new place, the excitement of a whole new world waiting to be discovered. You get into your rental car and switch on the navigation system. Next thing you know, you are at your destination without any challenges.

But how did the navigation system get you to your goal? It combined two sources of information—a conventional map and the latest traffic conditions. Navigation systems have been designed to increase the value of simple information to maximize output.

Navigate your business with Pro-face

Over the past 30 years, we have been committed to applying the knowledge gained from interactions with customers to improve Pro-face constantly. This has allowed us to develop a system that increases information value and empowers the end-user.

Pro-face helps its users navigate their business and make effective decisions, so they arrive at their destination without any road bumps. The process can be summarized in three simple steps: collect, present, and distribute.

Step 1: Collect

When it comes to the world of automation, information stems from a variety of sources. Machines have become more complex, and the volume of information flowing into systems is greater than ever before.

Pro-face recognizes the importance of seamless connectively and is designed to collect information from various sources such as local and global PLCs, robot controllers, drives, motion controllers, and sensors. Also, Pro-face can collect information from operators to know who did what and from the IT system to know what’s going on in the process.

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Step 2: Present

Of course, information is only as good as its presentation. That is why Pro-face processes and presents data graphically, helping operators understand what is happening with their machines.

For example, when an error occurs, Pro-face collects an abundance of data, including the time, temperature conditions, and sensor information, and presents it in a clear graphic so that operators can respond without hesitation. Furthermore, machine operations can be improved by combining the information with operation logs or knowing the progress of other machines, whole lines, or the whole factory.

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Step 3: Distribute

Once information is collected and presented clearly, it is time to distribute it to those who need it.

Information collected on HMIs is available to machine operators and maintenance staff and line managers and supervisors on their computers, tablets, and even smartphones so they can make effective decisions based on real-time conditions.

We have even had clients display real-time information on large TV monitors located throughout the production line so that all employees know the latest conditions and can act accordingly.

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Pro-face can help you navigate your business and transform the way you work by increasing information value in only three simple steps.

But it doesn’t end there! By combing the above mentioned 3 steps with augmented reality, you can transform your data into a powerful tool for more productive and efficient systems.

Operators and maintenance people can hold their tablets over machines, equipment, or control cabinets and get real-time information without ever opening the control cabinet, allowing them to make effective decisions on the fly. If necessary, the operation instruction guide can even be viewed on the tablet.

We are committed to developing new features and technology to empower operators by accelerating Digitization with all transversal HMI platforms over the coming years. We also look forward to learning from our customers to generate powerful solutions that increase information value and transform how they work.

Masayuki Sakamoto(HMI Marketing) 

Masayuki Sakamoto

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