Value Engineering HMI Solution

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Value Engineering HMI Solution

HMI Screen Templates from HMI Specialists

Discover the power of our meticulously designed templates, which offer not just visually stunning displays but also empower operators with unparalleled situation awareness and effective Operation

Value Engineering with Pro-face HMIs

Case 01
Building a secure network to utilize data from various devices is complicated and difficult.
Simply build a secure network with Pro-face HMI mounted with 2 Ethernet ports.
Case 02
When importing a large number of variables, the import time is too long and the HMI tends to lag when running.
Utilize all the necessary data with the high-performance Pro-face HMI
Case 03
Password-based permission settings are less secure due to the difficulty of managing passwords, and there is no way to check history.
Realize enhanced security by HMI directly connecting the ID card reader.
Case 04
Cell test & Module & Pack Line and Slicing & slitting equipment are complex workstations.
Pro-face HMI supports various device protocols, making it easy to configure multiple controllers.


Data Access & Connectivity
Pro-face HMIs connect with CoDeSys, many others, and a wide range of devices. They connect with robots, inverters, motion controllers, and PLCs. Over 1,200 device protocols are compatible, and the number keeps growing. Compatibility with major open networks will also allow connections with nearly unlimited devices.
Connectable Devices
International Industrial Control Certification / Global Support & Services
Certification to define our offer made for the Automation Control application
[UL / CE / ATEX]
Industrial Resistive Type Touch Screen
Pro-face HMI supports input via pressing two points to support operations such as use of interlock to prevent on-site operator errors.
Enhance Security
It is possible to store data and import alarm sampling data to PC periodically.The Pro-face HMI uses NAND storage for saving alarm, sampling, and log data, and can also be set up via FTP to upload this data to the PC on a regular basis.
Situation Awareness
Benefit from Pro-face's extensive expertise as an HMI Specialist, where years of experience and knowledge are infused into every aspect of our screen creation.
Elevate your operations with HMI screens that redefine clarity and usability.
Effective Operation
We've fine-tuned operations such as the operation log to ensure a seamless user experience, reduce the steps needed to access vital information, and empower operators to achieve more in less time.

HMI line up

Advanced HMI
for extensive use of information

SP5000 Series

How can you fully utilize only the information you need from scattered big data? SP5000 Series provides Smart Portal, a window that optimally displays information in response to a demand for increasingly sophisticated information utilization as a new solution.
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Basic HMI
Achieve a high level of visualization

ST6000 Series

The ST6000 series brings a new level of visualization to the Basic HMI market, which no other basic product has accomplished. We have achieved a superior quality display that improves operability and is unmatched by any other basic product. Optimize operations and machine information.
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Entry HMI
Better Visualization and More Information

ET6000 Series

ET6000 Series has cost-effective and just enough functionality. Enhance your machine with features and good performance from HMI Centric concept. And easy migration with software and hardware compatibility.
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Software line up


User friendly, yet powerful

Enables HMI screen and logic programming for all.Screen creation can be performed with ease due to many functions that promote compatibility with legacy applications and reduce development time.

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Remote HMI Client for Win / GP-Viewer EX

Effective maintenance

Pro-face Remote HMI Client for Win is a Windows Desktop application of the Pro-face Remote HMI app. It enables Remote viewing of multiple HMI RT screens from one PC.

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