Industrial PCs (IPCs)

Industrial PCs (IPCs) give you trust and peace of mind

Pro-face Industrial Personal Computers are highly durable. They have the environmental toughness required on the production site, and are structured to protect data. Out build-to-order system allows you to select exactly the product you need for your application.


  PS5000 PS6000

Basic Box

Standard Box
(Core i3)

Advanced Box
(Core i7/Core i5/Celeron)

UI design and integrate application software for operator terminal
(Powered by BLUE Open Studio)

Use together with other software and connect to IT system
(Powered by BLUE Open Studio including Data Base functionalities.)

ps6000_star ps6000_sar3

Remote Visualization on PC or Tablet
(Powered by BLUE Open Studio Thin Client License or  Pro-face Remote HMI Client for Win)

ps6000_sar3 ps6000_sar3 ps6000_sar3

Secure remote connect
(Powered by Pro-face Connect)




Smart Maintenance
(Powered by EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor)

ps6000_star ps6000_sar3

Simple field connections
(Compact operator panel)

ps6000_sar3 ps6000_star

Wide field connections
(Several controllers connection)

ps6000_star ps6000_sar3

PS5000 Product Configurator

PS6000 Product Configurator

Product list