Industrial PCs (IPCs)

Pro-face IPCs offer powerful industrial PCs designed to meet the demands of edge computing applications. These rugged and reliable IPCs provide high-performance computing capabilities at the edge, enabling real-time data processing and analysis. With a focus on connectivity, security, and scalability, Pro-face IPC is ideal for deploying edge intelligence in industrial automation and control systems.

Features of Pro-face IPC

Many people associate Pro-face with HMI, but our industrial PCs are also highly regarded. The strength of Pro-face's industrial PCs lies in the fact that we have utilized our expertise in programmable displays.
Pro-face's IPCs ensure high durability and environmental resistance by meeting strict quality standards.
For example, the fanless models in the PS6000 series eliminate periodic fan filter replacement and failures due to dust, oil, etc., reducing maintenance management man-hours and costs. Furthermore, the front part is IP66F/67F compliant and can be cleaned by high-pressure water jets.


Advantages of Industrial PCs

Long-term stable supply
Unlike consumer PCs, industrial PCs can be supplied stably over a long period of time. This is because industrial PC manufacturers manage their product cycles and continue to supply necessary products and parts.
Consumer PCs are subject to specification changes and discontinuation in a short period of time, and it is not uncommon for the same PC to be unavailable for purchase within one to two years. On the other hand, industrial PCs generally have a cycle of about 5 years, and rarely more than 10 years.
Long continuous operating time and service life
Industrial PCs can generally withstand long hours of continuous operation. In addition, most are equipped with redundancy and thermal management functions necessary for long hours of continuous operation.
These characteristics allow them to be used without problems in harsh environments such as factories, ships, and transportation systems that require long-term operation.
High environmental resistance
Industrial PCs are far more environmentally resistant than consumer PCs. This is because they are designed to withstand various environmental changes such as high and low temperatures, humidity, vibration, and shock.
For example, the chassis of industrial PCs are not made of thin plastic, but are often made of metal with a heavy feel and waterproof and dustproof performance. They are also often equipped with fanless designs, thermal management features, and redundancy functions. These features allow them to withstand heavy processing loads.
On-site performance
Another major advantage of industrial PCs is that they are equipped with the performance required for the work site. Industrial PCs allow users to flexibly select the performance and functions required for their work.
For example, industrial PCs equipped with a high-performance graphics card for image analysis and 3D CAD design, or industrial PCs designed for energy saving, can be flexibly selected for the performance and functions required for the job. This makes it possible to build the optimal PC environment to meet the needs of the site.
Various customizations available
Industrial PCs can be customized to meet customer requirements, and in some cases, non-standard customization is possible. For example, kitting can be adapted to suit the site, or industry-specific communication standards and interfaces can be added.
Another major advantage is the ability to customize industrial PCs to suit the site environment and industry, such as budget, application, and specifications when introducing them.

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