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HMIs for Any Application

 What do you want from your HMI? Dese it cost-effective? Performance? Or perhaps the type of interface, display size, resolution, or durability? Try to imagine an HMI that meets all the needs of your equipment or the new device you are developing. Your ideal HMI certainly varies depending on the installation and specifications of the new equipment under development. An HMI’s key features vary from industry to industry and from one application to another.
 As part of our smart factory vision, we position human stakeholders at the core of the IT/OT convergence within the HMI Centric architecture. It is important to connect people at every stage of the industrial automation architecture—we want to let them collaborate through the system regardless of where they stand. For this, we need an HMI portfolio that is extremely flexible and capable of adapting to the various types of machines and manufacturing lines that can be built. This why in Pro-face, we develop innovative technologies bringing unique scalability, modularity, and customizability to all our customers. That is why Pro-face continues to offer its customers a wide range of HMI products. We are proud of the fact that we are the only HMI maker that can offer such diversity. We offer HMIs tailored to our customers' individual needs—this is one of our HMI Centric Concepts.

Diverse Product Lineup

 Pro-face offers HMIs and industrial computers suitable for simple and complex devices as well as line management. We also have a range of extremely robust HMIs for outdoor situations. Besides, we have a wide range of products and compatible software, such as box-only data collection devices without displays and devices with highly functional displays for industrial applications. With our unique, modular product concept, customers can adapt the human interface to several kinds of automation/machine architecture while using standard pieces from our portfolio and without complexifying the management of their assets.

Customization to Better Meet Your Needs

We work closely with our clients to build partnerships and add unique value through customization and service delivery. As HMI specialists, we have customized offers for your unique requirements that may not be listed in the catalog. We offer two forms of customized offers, in addition to engineering services.

Customization at the Manufacturing Level

Customization at the manufacturing level brings a new look and feel to HMIs by changing logos, overlays, and bezels, adding special coatings to electronic components, and pre-configuring them for bundles and server-related purposes. Lite customization provides peace of mind in challenging installation environments and reduces setup time. This is how we help our clients to enhance their envisioned designs.

Customization from the Design Level

Customization from the design level supports user interfaces, new software features, and specific protocol drivers on standard offers. It also includes changing the screen to a multi-touch, high-resolution version. Providing customization from the design level can have a huge impact on customer applications.




Focus on HMIs that are Flexible and Meet Your Needs

We believe that our wide range of products and customization will enable us to provide you with an HMI that will serve you well. With Pro-face HMIs at the heart of your equipment, you will be able to respond quickly to changing needs and trends. Pro-face has an abundance of experience with various HMI applications, and we are certain that we will be able to create innovative solutions together.

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