<HMI Centric Architecture> ” Effective & Mobile operations” BOX HMI with QR Code for mobile HMI operation

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Introducing the HMI Centric Architecture, for those who are in charge of maintenance and managing several types of equipment and facilities. Instead of installing multiple HMIs, Architecture uses BOX HMIs and tablets to save space and reduce costs for efficient maintenance improvements on site. Utilizing the connectivity of Pro-face, you can monitor the information of various equipment on your tablet. It is possible to visually check the specific location of the equipment while using the tablet, enabling you to deal with errors reliably. In addition, by using a QR code, you can quickly and reliably access the equipment you want to monitor. Get your effective and mobile operations started with the combination of our validated equipment and Pro-face products.

Download the flyer to learn more about the product list, directions for use, system configuration, and more.


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