GP-Pro EX Connectable Devices Others (BCR and Tablet and Printer)


The following table lists the devices we tested. No specific communication drivers, not guarantee the operation in all environments.


Tested device typeManufacturerSeriesConnection methodHMIResult Date
BCRDenso / Sanwa SupplyHC76TU(Denso), BCR-006(Sanwa)USBGP-4301TWAugust 31, 2021
IDECQD2430-WHUSBGP-4301TFebruary 24, 2021
PrinterEPSONVP-D800USB, USB-PIOGP-4601TAugust 5, 2021
TabletLogitecLZ-AA10C/A2GEthernetPro-face Remote HMIOctober 27, 2021
Windows Slim (LZ-WA10/W1), Windows Pro (LZ-WB10H/W1), Android Slim (LZ-AA10C/A1) EthernetPro-face Remote HMIMarch 1, 2021