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Connectable Devices

Tested Devices

The following table lists the devices we tested. No specific communication drivers, not guarantee the operation in all environments.

HMI Type of Product Third device company Third device name Connect Type Software Communication Driver Result Date
GP4401 Temperature and Process Controllers Azbil Corporation C1M SIO (Serial Input / Output) GP-Pro Ex; Controller(CPL) & MODBUS SIO Master 9/2/2022
GP4601 PLC Hitachi S10VE(CPU:LQP600&LQE260-E,Link I/F:LQE260-E) Ethernet GP-Pro Ex; Hitachi, Ltd. - S10V Series Ethernet 9/17/2021
GP-4601T Printer EPSON VP-D800 USB, USB-PIO GP-Pro Ex; - 8/5/2021
GP-4301TW BCR Denso / Sanwa Supply HC76TU(Denso), BCR-006(Sanwa) USB GP-Pro Ex; - 8/31/2021
GP4601 Protocol Converter Silex FBR-100AN Ethernet GP-Pro Ex; Modbus-IDA / General MODBUS SIO Master 7/7/2021
GP4601 PLC Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. NC1P-S0+NC1L-RS4-Z4 SIO (Serial Input / Output) GP-Pro Ex; MICREX-F Series SIO 6/11/2021
BLVD-KRD Motor Oriental Motor BLVD-KRD CANopen GP-Pro Ex; CAN open Driver 5/3/2022
Pro-face Remote HMI Tablet Logitec Windows Slim (LZ-WA10/W1), Windows Pro (LZ-WB10H/W1), Android Slim (LZ-AA10C/A1)  Ethernet Remote HMI - 3/1/2021
GP-4301TM PLC Mitsubishi Electric Corporation FX5UJ Ethernet GP-Pro Ex; iQ-R/F Ethernet(SLMP Client)  2/26/2020
GP-4301T BCR IDEC QD2430-WH USB GP-Pro Ex; - 2/24/2021
GP4601 PLC Mitsubishi Electric Corporation FREQROL-A800 SIO (Serial Input / Output) GP-Pro Ex; FREQROL Inverter 10/8/2020
GP4601 Temperature and Process Controllers Omron Corporation E5CD-RX2A6M-002, E5GC-RX1A6M-015, E5CC-TQX3ASM-002, E5CN-HR2H01-FLK SIO (Serial Input / Output) GP-Pro Ex; Temp. Controller CompoWay/F 10/8/2020
Pro-face Remote HMI Tablet Logitec LZ-AA10C/A2G Ethernet Remote HMI - 10/27/2021