STC6000 Series Options

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Serial Interface

Product NameModel No.Description
RS-422 Terminal Block Conversion AdapterPFXZCBADTM1Connects output from a serial interface (D-sub 9 pin plug) directly to an RS-422 terminal block.
RS-232C Isolation UnitCA3-ISO232-01Connects a host controller to this product and provides isolation (RS-232C and RS-422 are switchable).
COM Port Conversion AdapterCA3-ADPCOM-01Connects optional RS-422 communication items to serial interface.
Terminal Block Conversion AdapterPFXZC3ADR41Connects output from a serial interface with an RS-422 terminal block.

USB (Cables/Adapters)

USB (Type A) Interface

Product NameModel No.Description
USB Front Cable (1 m)CA5-USBEXT-01Extension cable that attaches USB interface to the front panel.
USB Clamp Type A (1 port)PFXZCBCLUSA1Clamp to prevent disconnection of USB cable
(USB Type A, 1 port, 5 clamps/set)
USB-Serial (RS-232C) Conversion Cable (0.5 m)CA6-USB232-01Cable for converting a USB interface into a serial interface (RS-232C).
USB-Serial (RS-422/485) Conversion Adapter*PFXZCBCBCVUSR41Adapter for connecting this product (USB Type A) to an external device (RS-422/RS-485).
EZ Illuminated SwitchPFXZCCEUSG1A unit of 5 illuminated switches with multiple color LED connected to this product via USB
EZ Tower Light tube mounting with fixing platePFXZCETWHA1USB Connection Type Monolithic EZ Tower Light tube mounting with fixing plate 3 tiers, Ø60, lighting and flashing
with a buzzer.
EZ Tower Light with base mountingPFXZCETWW1USB Connection Type Monolithic EZ Tower with base mounting 3 tiers, Ø60, lighting and flashing with a buzzer.
EZ LAN adapterPFXZCGEUUE1USB adapter for extending the Ethernet port.

USB (micro-B) interface

Product NameModel No.Description
USB Transfer CablePFXZUSCBMB2Cable for transferring screen data from a PC (USB Type A) to this product (USB micro-B)
USB (micro-B) Front CablePFXZCIEXMB2Extension cable that attaches USB interface to the front panel.

Modicon TM3 Module

Model No.DescriptionDetailsGuide BookIO Configurator
TM3AI2H2-ch Voltage/Current Inputs (Screw)Product page

Modicon TM3 guidebook
for setting up a connection to HMI

*Before using TM3, be sure to read this TM3 Guide book with recommended substitutes and precautions for replacing the EX module.

TM3BC IO Configurator

*TM3BC IO Configurator software is required to configure TM3BCCO and TM3.

TM3AI2HG2-ch Voltage/Current Inputs (Spring)Product page
TM3AI4 *14-ch Voltage/Current Inputs (Screw)Product page
TM3AI4G *14-ch Voltage/Current Inputs (Spring)Product page
TM3AI8 *18-ch Voltage/Current Inputs (Screw)Product page
TM3AI8G *18-ch Voltage/Current Inputs (Spring)Product page
TM3AM64-ch Voltage/Current Inputs, 2-ch Voltage/Current Outputs (Screw)Product page
TM3AM6G4-ch Voltage/Current Inputs, 2-ch Voltage/Current Outputs (Spring)Product page
TM3AQ22-ch Voltage/Current Outputs (Screw)Product page
TM3AQ2G2-ch Voltage/Current Outputs (Spring)Product page
TM3AQ4 *14-ch Voltage/Current Outputs (Screw)Product page
TM3AQ4G *14-ch Voltage/Current Outputs (Spring)Product page
TM3BCEIP *5TM3 Bus Coupler EthernetProduct page
TM3DI1616-ch Sink/Source Inputs (Screw)Product page
TM3DI16G16-ch Sink/Source Inputs (Spring)Product page
TM3DI16K *116-ch Sink/Source Inputs (HE10)Product page
TM3DI32K *132-ch Sing/Source Inputs (HE10)Product page
TM3DI88-ch Sink/Source Inputs (Screw)Product page
TM3DI8A *18-ch Inputs, AC120V (Screw)Product page
TM3DI8G8-ch Sink/Source Inputs (Spring)Product page
TM3DM24R *316-ch Sink/Source Inputs, 8-ch Relay Outputs (Screw)Product page
TM3DM24RG *316-ch Sink/Source Inputs, 8-ch Relay Outputs (Spring)Product page
TM3DM8R4-ch Sink/Source Inputs, 4-ch Relay Outputs (Screw)Product page
TM3DM8RG4-ch Sink/Source Inputs, 4-ch Relay Outputs (Spring)Product page
TM3DQ16R16-ch Relay Outputs (Screw)Product page
TM3DQ16RG16-ch Relay Outputs (Spring)Product page
TM3DQ16T *116-ch Transistor Source Outputs (Screw)Product page
TM3DQ16TG *116-ch Transistor Source Outputs (Spring)Product page
TM3DQ16TK16-ch Transistor Source Outputs (HE10)Product page
TM3DQ16U *116-ch Transistor Sink Outputs (Screw)Product page
TM3DQ16UG *116-ch Transistor Sink Outputs (Spring)Product page
TM3DQ16UK16-ch Transistor Sink Outputs (HE10)Product page
TM3DQ32TK *1 *232-ch Transistor Source Outputs (HE10)Product page
TM3DQ32UK *1 *232-ch Transistor Sink Outputs (HE10)Product page
TM3DQ8R8-ch Relay Outputs (Screw)Product page
TM3DQ8RG8-ch Relay Outputs (Spring)Product page
TM3DQ8T8-ch Transistor Source Outputs (Screw)Product page
TM3DQ8TG8-ch Transistor Source Outputs (Spring)Product page
TM3DQ8U8-ch Transistor Sink Outputs (Screw)Product page
TM3DQ8UG8-ch Transistor Sink Outputs (Spring)Product page
TM3TI44-ch Voltage/Current or Temperature Inputs (Screw)Product page
TM3TI4D *14-ch Temperature Inputs (Screw)Product page
TM3TI4DG *14-ch Temperature Inputs (Spring)Product page
TM3TI4G4-ch Voltage/Current or Temperature Inputs (Spring)Product page
TM3TI8T *48-ch Temperature Inputs (Screw)Product page
TM3TI8TG *48-ch Temperature Inputs (Spring)Product page
TM3TM32-ch Temperature or Voltage/Current Inputs, 1-ch Voltage/Current Output (Screw)Product page
TM3TM3G2-ch Temperature or Voltage/Current Inputs, 1-ch Voltage/Current Output (Spring)Product page
TM3XREC1 *6Remote receiver moduleProduct page
TM3XTRA1 *6Remote transmitter moduleProduct page

*1 These are newly supported TM3 modules for STC-6300TA (with TM3 driver supported by GP-Pro EX Ver.4.09.550 or later). EXM driver does not support these TM3 modules.

*2 Only 1 unit of 32-point module can be connected to the rear of STC-6300TA. If you use 2 units or more, you need to use Transmitter/Receiver modules.

*3 As for TM3DM24R(G), only one TM3 module can be connected to LT-3300T/STC-6300TA when using EXM driver. There’s no such limitation when connecting to STC-6300TA using TM3 driver supported by GP-Pro EX Ver.4.09.550 or later.

*4 TM3TI8T(G) will be supported by the future version of GP-Pro EX.

*5 This bus coupler is needed when connecting TM3 modules by EIP Driver (supported by GP-Pro EX Ver.4.09.550 or later).

*6 These modules are used for Extension Mounting, to connect more than two TM3 / EX modules. For the connection method, refer to Modicon TM3 guidebook for setting up a connection to HMI.


Product NameModel No.Description
GP-Pro EX Software Licenses and Related SoftwareSee Product webpage for the details.HMI Screen editor & Logic Programming Software and Related Software
Pro-face ConnectSee Product webpage for the details."Pro-face Connect" is a ready-to-use solution for Secure Remote Access Over the Internet


Product NameModel No.Description
Screen Protection Sheet5.7-inchPFXZCBDS61Disposable, dirt-resistant sheet for 5.7-inch screen (5 sheets/set).
UV Protection Sheet5.7-inchPFXZCFUV61Sheet to protect the display from ultraviolet light, for 5.7-inch screen (1 sheet).
Environment Cover5.7-inchPFXZCBOP61Disposable, environmental resistant cover for 5.7-inch screen (1 sheet).


* Please purchase when the product is damage or lost.

Product NameModel No.Description
Installation FastenerPFXZC3AT1Installation fastener (4 pieces/set).
Installation GasketPFXZHWG31Provides dust and moisture resistance when this product is installed into a solid panel (1 piece).
DC Power Supply ConnectorCA5-DCCNM-01Connector to connect DC power supply cables.
Battery for Data BackupPFXZGEBT1Primary battery for memory and time data backup (1 piece).
DIO ConnectorPFXZC7CNXY321Connectors for interfacing with external I/O devices (5 pieces/set).
TM3 Module Securing HookPFXZHMSH1TM3 module securing hook (1 piece).