STC6000 Series Features


We have designed a superior-quality HMI that improves operability and optimizes operations and machine information.
STC6000 with a sophisticated design that transforms the appeal of simple machines.


Aluminum Front Panel

Perfectly finished appearance thanks to CNC machining processing and color coating like a smartphone. The metal frame gives the product a high-grade finish not offered by any other basic HMI.


Best in class Visualization

Sufficient memory for more high-resolution images to create professional user interfaces.


Simple & Easy

The simple design and easy to reach interfaces help increase productivity and efficiency. From installation, to operation, to maintenance, it is every time convenient.


Engineering Time Saver

Screens and logic programs can be edited with the same software, and the same addresses or user-defined control symbols can be shared for screen parts and logic elements with drag-and-drop operation.


Easy Access to User Manual

User manual via a QR code on the product label for easy maintenance on filed.


Easy screen transfer

Supports transfer with a general Micro-B cable. No special cable is required.


Easy Migration

Compatible panel cut-out size and software platform.

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Connected & Secure

High connectivity with rich interfaces and user-friendly protocols allows you to connect various devices easily. Strong support for OT – IT integration and remote maintenance.


Pro-face Connectivity

Connect directly to a wide range of devices. From IT network to I/O, connect and visualize with ease.
*Pro-Server EX will be supported later.

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Mobilized HMI

Stay connected and informed via your mobile device. Pro-face Remote HMI is a remote monitoring and operating system that simplifies information access by providing system views, including alarm indications for all HMIs.

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Easily expand HMI features via USB options

EZ Series are USB devices directly connecting to the HMI. Less programming, easier system design, and simplified wiring with less error are EASY.

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Secure remote access solution

"Pro-face Connect" is a ready-to-use solution for remote access over the internet via STC6000 Series without fixed costs per device or machine. The cloud-based "Pro-face Connect" integrates seamlessly into your existing network thanks to HTTPs based and TLS-encrypted communication. Secure access is realized for PCs and mobile devices for simplified connectivity. Pro-face provides IEC62443-3-3 certified cyber-secured solution for remote access management that supports remote diagnosis and trouble-solving not only to the HMI but also for the devices connected via Ethernet. The sophisticated user management also supports larger installed bases or separate service networks.

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ST6000 Pro-face connect

Enhanced cybersecurity

Security checking at CPU level against basic intentional attacks

•Need unique key code to download project to HMI target
•Doing security checking during booting