FP6000 Series Options

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Accessory Options


Product NameModel No.Description
USB Cable (5 m)FP-US00

Cable used for touch panel data transmission between a host (USB Type A) and this product (USB Type B).

DP-DVI Cable (5m)


DP-DVI cable used to receive the image signal from host, passibetype (5m)
​*This is a passive cable. The host PC must support DP++ (Display Port Dual
DP-DVI Cable (3 m)PFXZPBCBDPDV32DP-DVI cable used to receive the image signal from host, active type (3 m)
DVI Cable (5 m)FP-DV01-50DVI-D cable used to receive the image signal from the host. DVI 1.0 compliant (DVI-D 24-pin plug) (5 m)


Product NameModel No.Description
DP-DVI AdapterPFXZPBADCVDPDV2DP-DVI Adapter can convert DP to DVI-D (socket), active type.
Panel cutout adapter for 12" WidePFXZPAT6W1Panel cutout adapter for mounting
for FP6000 Series
in a cutout of
PS-5600W (12" Wide)
Panel cutout adapter for 15" WidePFXZPAT7W1Panel cutout adapter for mounting
for FP6000 Series
in the cutout of
PS-5700W (15" Wide)
Panel cutout adapter for 19" WidePFXZPAT8W1Panel cutout adapter for mounting
for FP6000 Series
in a cutout of
PS-5800W (19" Wide)
Panel cutout adapter for 22" WidePFXZPAT9W1Panel cutout adapter for mounting
for FP6000 Series
in a cutout of
PS-5900W (22" Wide)

Screen sheets

Product NameModel No.Description
Anti-glare sheet for 10" WidePFXZCAG5W1Prevent reflections,
dirt-resistant sheet
(5 sheets/set)
Anti-glare sheet for 12" WidePFXZCAG6W1
Anti-glare sheet for 15" WidePFXZCAG7W1
Anti-glare sheet for 19" Wide PFXZCAG8W1
Anti-glare sheet for 22" WidePFXZCAG9W1
Screen protection sheet for 12"CA7-DFS12-01Disposable,
dirt-resistant sheet
for the display
(5 sheets/set)
Screen protection sheet for 15" CA3-DFS15-01


Product NameModel No.Description
Enhanced front USB cover  *1PFXZCDCVUS1Front USB cover with fixing screw,
corresponding to IP66F, IP67F,
Type 1/4X Indoor use only /13
or ATEX certifications (5 pieces)

*1 Supported by 12-inch and 15-inch models only.

Maintenance Options

Installation gaskets

Product NameModel No.Description
Installation gasket for 12"PFXZCDWG121Provides dust and
moisture resistance
when this product is
installed into a solid panel
(1 piece/set)
Installation gasket for 15"PFXZCDWG151
Installation gasket for 10" WidePFXZCDWG102
Installation gasket for 12" WidePFXZCDWG122
Installation gasket for 15" WidePFXZCHWG154
Installation gasket for 19" WidePFXZCWG8W1
Installation gasket for 22" WidePFXZCWG9W1


Product NameModel No.Description
Power connector (DC)CA7-ACCNL-01

Connector with fixable screws
to connect DC power supply cables
(Straight type, 5 pieces/set)

USB Clamp Type B PFXYFPCLUSBClamp to prevent disconnection
of USB cable
(USB Type B, 1 port, 5 clamps/set)
Installation fastenerPFXZCAF1Installation fastener
(4 pieces/set)