[Collaboration] Visualization of Robot Information with HMI + Yaskawa Robot

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Visualization of Robot Information! Easily confirm and adjust with your HMI

Reduce maintenance time and cost by HMI with Yaskawa Robot


When you want to see robot status, a teaching pendant is needed.


  • Check and adjust the robot’s run status and alarm information with HMI. Display PLC information, too. Identify a problem with the whole equipment.
  • See robot information anywhere with Tablet or Smartphone whenever you want to
  • No need to create screens. Use the Device Connection Sample!

[Download] Device Connection Sample for YRC1000/YRC1000micro
[Download] Device Connection Sample for DX100/DX200
Download] Device Connection Sample for FS100


Download the leaflet to learn more about the product list, directions for use, system configuration, and more.

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