STM6000 Series Option

Serial Interface

* The cable/adapter requirements vary depending on other devices. Please refer to the Device/PLC connection manual.
Product Name Model No. Description
RS-422 Terminal Block
Conversion Adapter
PFXZCBADTM1 Connects output from a serial interface (D-sub 9 pin plug)
directly to an RS-422 terminal block.
COM Port Conversion Adapter CA3-ADPCOM-01 Connects optional RS-422 communication items to serial interface.
RS-232C Isolation Unit CA3-ISO232-01 Connects a host controller to this product and provides isolation
(RS-232C and RS-422 are switchable).

USB (Cables/Adapters)

USB (Type A) Interface

Product Name Model No. Description
USB Front Cable (1 m) CA5-USBEXT-01 Extension cable that attaches USB interface to front panel.

USB (micro-B) interface

Product Name Model No. Description
USB Transfer Cable PFXZUSCBMB2 Cable for transferring screen data from a PC (USB Type A) to this product (USB micro-B)
USB (micro-B) Front Cable PFXZCIEXMB2 Extension cable that attaches USB interface to front panel.


Product Name Model# Descriptions
BLUE Professional PFXBLPCZLSPAZZ Single license Email

Group License
(3 Licenses)

Virtual delivery
PFXBLPCZLGPM31 Printed delivery
(10 Licenses)
Virtual delivery
PFXBLPCZLTPM31 Printed delivery
BLUE Basic*1 PFXBLECZLSRAZZ Single license Email
BLUE Web Viewer Runtime PFXWRT001 Single license License Keycode
PFXWRT010 10 Licenses
PFXWRT100 100 Licenses
BLUE USB Media Installer PFXBTUSB32 USB Media with an installer


Product Name Model No. Description Compatible Model
Screen Protection Sheet 
with UV protected
4-inch PFXZCIDS42 Disposable, dirt-resistant and ultra-violet protection sheet ( 1 sheet /set ) STM-6200WA
7-inch PFXZCIDS72 STM-6400WA
Rear Module Installation
PFXZCM6DSA Adapter for installing the rear module on a DIN rail. All models
Spacer 4-inch PFXZCM6MP2

Plate for adjusting installation panel thickness

for display module.

7-inch PFXZCM6MP4 STM-6400WA
Display Module/Rear Module
Separation Cable

Cable for use when installing the rear module and

display module apart from the other.

All models
5 m PFXZCM6SM5 All models
10 m PFXZCM6SM10 All models


* Please purchase when the product is damage or lost.
Product Name Model No. Description Compatible Model
Rear Module PFXSTM6B Rear module for STM6000 Series All models
Display Module 4-inch PFXSTM62TP Display modules for STM6000 Series STM-6200WA
7-inch PFXSTM64TP STM-6400WA
Installation Gasket 4-inch PFXZCIWG44 Provides dust and moisture resistance
when this product is installed into a solid panel (1 piece).
7-inch PFXZCIWG74 STM-6400WA
DC Power Supply Connector CA5-DCCNM-01 Connector to connect DC power supply cables. All models
USB Clamp Type A (for 1 port) PFXZCBCLUSA1

Clamp to prevent disconnection of USB cable
(for 1 port, USB Type A, 5 pieces/set)

All models
Display Installation Nut PFXZGMNT1 Nut to install the display module (10 pieces/set) All models
Socket Wrench PFXZGMSW1 Socket wrench to tighten and loosen the display installation nut All models
Accessories Kit PFXZCM6KIT Anti-rotation Tee,USB Clamp Type A, USB Clamp mini-B *2
(1 piece/each)
All models

*2 Basic License doesn’t support WEB API and OPC-UA.

*2 USB Clamp mini-B can be used for optional USB micro-B cables.