GP4000 Series (Standard) Features

Smart Display

Powerful TFT LCD expression in 65,536 colors

All models employ 65,536-color TFT LCDs. Improved visibility enhances operability and security.

Realistic 3D parts that look just like the real thing

Add realistic three-dimensional graphical parts and easily create easy-to-identify screens with high added value. Realize expressive operation screens.

Application Memory Increased

Create more screens and use more image files than ever before.

New Size, 7.0” Wide screen

5.7" models now have a 30% larger screen allowing effective placement of menus and numeric keypads.

Customizable Start Screen

Display registered image such as your company name or product logo as a splash screen during start-up.

Enhanced Durability

New models feature enhanced durability for use in harsh environments.
An easy-maintenance environment-resistant cover that extends product lifetime by protecting the screen from cutting oils and chemicals.
*UL Hazardous Locations Class I, Division 2 Group A, B, C and D is supported.
*Complies with IP67f NEMA #250 TYPE 4X/13

Two-point touching operation with the matrix resistive touch panel

The GP4000 Series lineup includes models with an on-board matrix-type touch panel. Unintended operation can be prevented by setting two-point touching for buttons used in critical operations and operating environments. (Supported Models: GP-4601T, GP-4501T)
Two-point touching

Improved Start-up Speed

Design and debugging work can be performed efficiently.

Many pre-configured sample screen for immediate use

A variety of ready-made sample parts are available for download. Sample parts can be used immediately after download, which lets you significantly reduce time spent on screen design.

Smart Connection

Connect to a wide range of control equipment

Pro-face HMIs support connection with a wide range of industrial controllers including PLCs, motion controllers, robots, and other devices.

A USB to RS-422/485 conversion adapter can be used to allow connection to a wide range of control equipment including temperature controllers, inverters, and PLCs.

For more information on supported equipment, please refer to this list.

Easy and flexible configuration of lamps and switches

Lamps can be configured in six colors with four lighting states in the screen editor software, GP-Pro EX.
EZ illuminated switches feature easily customizable insert labels.
* For example: HOME, Change Screen, Change, Speed, Run, Stop, Reset, Auto, Manual and etc...

Fingerprint Authentification on HMI Operation

The EZ fingerprint recognition unit can reduce problems or accidents caused by inappropriate password use.
Fingerprint data is registered and maintained through an HMI or PC connected to the fingerprint recognition unit.
* Fingerprint data for up to 100 users can be stored.
*To purchase the EZ fingerprint recognition unit, contact to your local Pro-face distributor.

Monitoring Anywhere of Large/Long Equipment

Using the remote monitoring and operation functions, actions that previously required multiple staff for a large-sized machine or long-distance application can be easily accomplished by fewer operators.
* Please check equipment status and maintain conditions for machine safety to avoid unintended equipment operation.

Ethernet Multi-Link function

The Ethernet Multi-Link function allows you to easily add a display unit as a sub-display to the facility without changing any settings of the control device.

Easily connect multiple USB devices

A controller with serial interface, EZ Series accessory unit, bar code reader, and USB flash drive can be easily connected to the HMI unit.
* EZ Fingerprint Recognition Unit also requires power supply cable.
* Multiple devices of the same model cannot be connected.

Use Video for On-Site Adjustments with COGNEX In-Sight vision system communication driver

In combination with a COGNEX In-Sight vision system,the settings can be changed when watching images from the cameras on a display unit on site.
* A communication driver supports In-Sight Micro series and In-Sight 5000 series.
* You can view video images from up to 3 cameras on a single screen. Up to 16 cameras can be connected to GP.Display position (X/Y), exposure time, focus, lighting and brightness can be adjusted on GP.

Supports Siemens PLC's tag import function

As the tag information of STEP7 Project Files created by Siemens PLC can be imported to GP-Pro EX screen data, you can reduce the man-hours for screen creation.
*<supported data type>

Smart Information

Alarm Analysis function

When an error occurs, an operator can easily seek and check the condition on-site, just by touching the alarm message to call up various error-related data in chronological order. An alarm analysis screen with timing chart of alarm-related device addresses can be simply configured only through a few steps on GP-Pro EX software for easy troubleshooting, debugging and/or design changes of production equipment to reduce downtime for enhanced productivity.

Sampling Data - Collecting various data during production

Temperature, voltage, and other desired address values can be stored in the GP. Data and times can be confirmed on the sampling display.

Historical Trend Graph - Displaying data in an easy-to-see graph

The change in the collected data over time is displayed in an easy-to-understand form with a graph. The graph can be traced back to see the past data.

Operation Log - Recording the operator's operation

Operations are saved to a log, so you can see who did what, and when. The log can also be used for a trend analysis of erroneous operation of operators.

Enhanced Recipe function

With the conventional recipe function, all recipe data must be stored at continuous addresses. The new recipe function allows writing random addresses and multiple data formats as a recipe.

CSV data transfer function

Since the CSV data stored in the USB memory/SD card can be edited, the recipe data can easily be carried for performing updates on-site. The alarm message can be easily changed with CSV files only.

Internal Logic Program - Program with a familiar ladder language

- Screens and logic programming can be edited with the same software, so editing between parts and logic elements can be performed via drag and drop.
- Reduces PLC operation and program maintenance load.
- The online editing function allows you to make program changes on a computer during operation.

D-Script - Create unique macro program for user-customized data process and functions

Configure these settings based on trigger conditions including "Continuous Action", "Timer Bit Change", and "Condition Satisfied". Many functions are also provided including search (search and replace strings in the script) and debug functions (display messages and addresses on the unit).

D-Scripts created with GP-PRO/PBIII can be used unmodified so replacement is a breeze.

Pro-Server EX

Collect information of operation progress on a PC via Ethernet network. Download operating instructions, such as recipes, from an office PC to a GP.
*Purchase of a separate license is required.

GP-Viewer EX

The screen of theHMI on the site can be monitored from a PC at a remote location.
*Purchase of a separate license is required.

Web Server

Acquirable devices or alarms in the GP on the site can be monitored with a browser.
*Ethernet I/F models only


The content of a USB memory or SD card attached to the GP on the site can be interchanged from a remote location.
*Ethernet I/F models only

RPA (Remote PC Access)

The work procedure document stored in a PC in an office can be displayed on the GP. This is effective to reduce procedural errors or other mistakes.
*Purchase of a separate license is required.

Smart Installation

Equipped with a user-replaceable battery

  • Makes maintenance simple, even for equipment that is used for extended periods of time.
  • Lets you save data even when using equipment that is left unpowered for long periods of time, giving peace of mind.
  • It is recommended that batteries are replaced every 5 years. Batteries can be purchased as maintenance items.

No more accidental dropping

Special projections prevent the GP4000 series from being accidentally dropped through the hole when it is being installed in a panel.

Consistent direction of cabling

Thanks to a consistent connection direction for cables and other interfaces, routing of wiring is now simpler than ever.

Compatibility for easy replacement

Since the panel cutting dimensions are the same as conventional models, it is easy to replace only the display unit in an existing facility.

Easy to change the display screen

  • The display screen can be changed by using a USB flash memory or SD card, without the need for a software license.
  • The screen maintenance can be done without bringing a PC to a production site.
  • A person in charge does not have to operate a PC, such as when manufacturing the multiple units of the same equipment.

Commercially available Type A to Mini-B USB cables can be used to transfer screen data.
Easy to change the display screen

Conforms to overseas standards for hassle-free export and use with overseas equipment

  • IP65f Front Enclosure
  • NEMA#250 TYPE 4X/13
  • Marine certifications, DNV, GL, ABS, BV, LR, RINA and NK, CCS.
  • UL/cUL Hazardous Locations Class I, Division 2 Group A, B, C and D.
  • Acquired ATEX Zone 2/22 (Gas/Dust)
  • Acquired KCs (Korean Simple Explosion-proof)
  • Acquired NEPSI (Chinese Simple Explosion-proof)

Energy Saving - Standard equipped with LED backlight LCD + Lighting adjustment

Energy-saving capabilities have been greatly improved. The GP4000 Series contributes to reducing on-site power consumption in a variety of ways including an on-board LED backlight in all models, and a lighting adjustment function used to decrease and eventually stand-by the display after being idle for a set period of time.

Easily connect multiple USB devices

A controller with serial interface, EZ Series accessory unit, bar code reader, and USB flash drive can be easily connected to the HMI unit.