Pro-face Edge Box Use case / Selection Guide

Pro-face Edge Box Selection guide

 Edge Box PCSTM6000
Edge Box HMI
Gateway Box
Application Integration  
Production Monitor  
Get ready for Cloud service  
Protocol Converter  
On-demand HMI  
Affordable Access Point  


Application Integration

To run various software and any type of use case for any architecture need. Improve your productivity with the Open PC-based architecture experience.

Edge Box PC Selection Guide


Basic Box

Standard Box
(Core i3)

Advanced Box
(Core i7 / Core i5 / Celeron)

UI design and integrate application software
(Powered by BLUE Open Studio)
Use together with other software and connect to IT system
(Powered by BLUE Open Studio including Data Base functionalities.)
Secure remote connect
(Powered by Pro-face Connect)
Simple field connections
(Compact operator panel)
Wide field connections
(Several controllers connection)

Production Monitor

Tailored visualization using Business Intelligence Dashboards with high-resolution. Optimize work by sharing production status with large-sized monitor.

Get ready for Cloud service provided on AVEVA Insight, MQTT/Microsoft Azure/Amazon Web Services

The affordable STM6000 Edge Box HMI collects data from connected devices and forwards it to Machine Advisor/ AVEVA Insight with BLUE Open Studio Runtime. The monitor is a cloud-based service that predicts an asset’s service and gives access to machine performance data (KPIs, dashboards), sending notifications and alerts in case of need. Use software in the cloud to fix machine issues.

Protocol Converter

Merge data from different devices. Unify protocols and collect data efficiently.Pro-face Edge Box collects various device data, including the time, temperature conditions, and sensor information via rich Pro-face connectivity.

On-demand HMI

Pro-face Edge Box and tablets/PC to save space and reduce costs for efficient maintenance improvements on your machine.

Affordable Access Point

Remote Maintenance via a Pro-face Edge Box.Securely access your Pro-face Edge Box and connected devices without the need for a dedicated VPN router. The certified HTTPs encrypted communication reduces the setup at the customer as no special ports have to be configured by the IT department. Access is not limited to programming but also the Pro-face Edge can be operated via a standard web browser.