Pro-face Edge Box Features

Flexibility to adapt various demands

Just add Edge Box, no need to change the current design.

Optimized data gateway for retro fit and simple usage.

Various Protocols OT

You can choose the best fitting devices from various manufacturers and exchange data with a simple configuration.

And more Device/PLC Connections are available, Connectable Devices

Easy IT connection

Easy, Better performance and Safe for communication to IT layer.

Best in class visualization

Mobile Access

Embedded HTML5 web server makes the insights directly available by using Web Browser.
Edge Box PC / STM6000 Edge Box HMI <Mobile Access> (BLUE Open Studio)
HMI Web Pages Commissioning Diagnostic & Real-Time monitoring
STM6000 Gateway Box <Web Viewer> (BLUE) Remote Visualization on PC or Tablet / Smartphone with Web Browser

Ready to use templates

HMI Design Studio web helps you and your team create applications easier.
Download various ready-made template screens and parts. You can import those into your BLUE and Blue Open Studio project files.

HMI Design Studio

A reliable experience all across the life cycle

Secure Remote Solution

Realize a secure system with embedded cyber security
Security Certification Pro-face Connect 2021

Pro-face Global Specialist Support

For over 30 years, Pro-face technical support specialists have worldwide taken advantage of their knowledge and experience to respond to questions, concerns, and problems of our customers. Speeding up your IoT journey in a cyber secure manner.

Worldwide support from dedicated HMI and IoT experts.

Migrate from existing offer and upgrade IoT function

Edge Box HMI is a Data enabler to collect data and allow remote view.


  • Collect data from control systems of PLC
  • Easy to monitor and get data sharing from PC and remote devices

STM6000 Edge Box HMI
Data collection from large range of devices (Serial, Ethernet)

  • Basic Data logger & Data treatment
  • Data Server OPC-UA
  • Basic HMI functions for real-time data on Mobile device.
  • Support high resolution remote monitoring


Replacement Guide book