FP5000 Series Options


Accessory Options

Product nameProduct numberDescription
USB (Type B) Cable (5m) *1FP-US00Cable used for touch panel data transmission between a host (USB Type A) and this product (USB Type B).
DVI-D Cable (5m)*1FP-DV01-50DVI-D cable used to receive the image signal from host. DVI 1.0 compliant (DVI-D 24-pin plug) (5 m).
Screen Protection Sheet12-inchCA7-DFS12-01Disposable, dirt-resistant sheet for the display (5 sheets/set)
UV Protection Sheet12-inchPFXZCFUV121Ultraviolet protection for the display (1 piece)
Environment Cover12-inchPFXZCDOP121Environmental resistant cover for the display (1 piece)

For details of the oil and chemical resistant perfomance, please refer to the Installation Guide.
Enhanced Front USB Cover (With Screw)PFXZCDCVUS1Front USB cover with fixing screw, corresponding to IP66F, IP67F, Type 1/4X Indoor Use Only/13 or ATEX certifications (5 pieces/set)
DC Power Supply Connector (Straight)PFXZCBCNDC1Connector to connect DC power supply cables (5 pcs/set)

Maintenance Accessories

Product nameProduct numberDescription
Installation Gasket12-inchPFXZCDWG121Provides dust and moisture resistance when this product is installed into a solid panel (1 piece)
DC Power Supply Connector (Right-angle)PFXZCBCNDC2Right-angle connector to connect DC power supply cables (5 pcs/set)
USB Clamp (Type B)PFXZFP5000USCLB1Clamp to prevent disconnection of USB cable (USB/Type B, 1 port, 5 clamps/set).

*1 You can also use a commercial type.