FP5000 Series Options


Accessory Options

Product name Product number Description
USB (Type B) Cable (5m) *1 FP-US00 Cable used for touch panel data transmission between a host (USB Type A) and this product (USB Type B).
DVI-D Cable (5m)*1 FP-DV01-50 DVI-D cable used to receive the image signal from host. DVI 1.0 compliant (DVI-D 24-pin plug) (5 m).
Screen Protection Sheet 12-inch CA7-DFS12-01 Disposable, dirt-resistant sheet for the display (5 sheets/set)
15-inch CA3-DFS15-01
UV Protection Sheet 12-inch PFXZCFUV121 Ultraviolet protection for the display (1 piece)
15-inch PFXZCFUV151
Environment Cover 12-inch PFXZCDOP121 Environmental resistant cover for the display (1 piece)

For details of the oil and chemical resistant perfomance, please refer to the Installation Guide.
15-inch PFXZCDOP151
Enhanced Front USB Cover (With Screw) PFXZCDCVUS1 Front USB cover with fixing screw, corresponding to IP66F, IP67F, Type 1/4X Indoor Use Only/13 or ATEX certifications (5 pieces/set)
DC Power Supply Connector (Straight) PFXZCBCNDC1 Connector to connect DC power supply cables (5 pcs/set)

Maintenance Accessories

Product name Product number Description
Installation Gasket 12-inch PFXZCDWG121 Provides dust and moisture resistance when this product is installed into a solid panel (1 piece)
15-inch PFXZCDWG151
DC Power Supply Connector (Right-angle) PFXZCBCNDC2 Right-angle connector to connect DC power supply cables (5 pcs/set)
USB Clamp (Type B) PFXZFP5000USCLB1 Clamp to prevent disconnection of USB cable (USB/Type B, 1 port, 5 clamps/set).

*1 You can also use a commercial type.