FP5000 Features

Improve equipment performance

Shared panel cutout dimensions

The FP5000 Series shares the same panel cutout dimensions as the FP3000 Series, making replacement simple.

Automatic resolution adjustment

The FP5000 Series automatically adjusts screen resolution, allowing it to be used "as is" with equipment that was used with FP3000 Series displays.

Supports operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10/10 IoT Enterprise

The FP5000 Series can be used as a display for existing equipment running Windows XP. It also supports Windows 10/10 IoT Enterprise, allowing you to use the latest operating system when upgrading equipment.
* For supported models, contact your local distributor.

Modern features & versatility

Intuitive operation

The FP5000 Series supports the operation concepts from Windows® 8.1/8.1 Industry which are based on gesture operation known from smart phone or tablets. Thanks to this, operation becomes more efficient and natural, increasing overall performance.

Multi-touch gesture operation

The FP5000 Series employs an analog resistive multi-touch touch panel that allows multi touch gestures even when wearing work gloves. Gesture operation greatly prevents unintended operation and the multi-touch panel film prevent display glass fragments from contaminating the processed goods, essential in the food and beverage industry.
* Might result in the case of excessive mechanical force on the display.

12Vdc battery operated devices and equipment

The 12Vdc power supply support is beneficial for mobile and solar powered application. Used together with the PE4000B Series industrial computer, the FP5000 Series suits the requirements of low power supply applications such as AGVs (automated guided vehicles) or others.

Straight forward connectivity

For the video input, the commonly used DVI-D is used. The USB (Type B) port connects the touch information and frond side USB (Type A) port with the PC. Supporting the 75mm VESA mount standard increases the installation flexibility besides the standard panel mounting.

Can be used in high-temperature environments

The FP5000 Series is capable of withstanding ambient temperatures of up to 60 ℃. It can be used without worrying about damage due to high temperatures even on production worksites such as steel plants.

Provides automatic brightness adjustment

Thanks to the brightness sensor, the display brightness can be adjusted automatically. Hence operators can focus on the process operation without impacts by changing ambient light conditions.

Simple maintenance and setup

Improved environmental performance

FP5000’s support of IP65F / IP66F / IP67F and ability to withstand high-pressure washing makes it suitable for use in scenarios with sanitation requirements.
* Differ according to the model

Protection from Chemical and Oil mist

The Environment Cover reduces machine troubles caused by corrosion from chemical and oil mist, and brings lower maintenance costs.

Simply covered

Easily attach and remove the Environment Cover without special tools.
*The UV Protection Sheet that protects a touch panel display from pollution and UV is also available.

Simple configuration of display and PC

Various settings including brightness adjustment, touch panel calibration, and buzzers can be easily configured from the launcher screen.
Simple configuration of display and PC

Easy installation

Thanks to an integrated mounting bracket and anti-drop lock, the display can be installed in a panel by a single operator.
Easy installation