Notice for users who use Recovery Creation Tool of PS6000 Series

Published date : Oct. 20, 2022


Thank you for purchasing Schneider Electric products.

We will upgrade a "Recovery USB creation tool for PS6000" soon.
In the current version, we found a risk that the OS on the product side will be erased if the wrong procedure is performed during recovery.

Due to prevent from such a risk, we will upgrade this tool into new version. No changes for procedures and functions in new version, please use new version to avoid a risk.


If you ignored a warning message in your restore process with Recover USB which had no OS back-up file, the OS would be erased.

*1 Below warning message will appear if you proceed a restore process with Recover USB which had no OS back-up file.


Target of a risk

You may face to a risk when you used download files created before 15th June 2022.

Product seriesPS6000 series
Tool descriptionRecovery USB Creation Tool
Product model

How to check Version

You can see information of Version for "Restore and Backup tool" when you start restoring with Recovery USB which was created by a creation tool.

We will note detail for new version again at new version release.



If you have any concerns for this notice, please call to Schneider Electric customer care center.

Contact at Schneider Electric customer center