Recovery USB Creation Tool (Restore and Back-up Tool)


Last update:2022/06/24


Title Recovery USB Creation Tool (Restore and Back-up Tool)
Supported OS Windows 10 Pro build version 1809
Windows 11 Pro build version 21H2
Description This tool is designed to create a recovery USB for PS6000 Series.
The recovery USB created can be used to back-up and restore the operating system in the product.
The drive to be backed-up is the C drive only.
USB memory size of the recovery USB needs 32GB and over.
For how to use the recovery USB, refer to "Backup" and "System Recovery" in the user manual.

All data in the USB memory to be created as a recovery USB will be lost when this tool is executed.
It may take a few minutes to complete the creation.

Security Guide Check a hash value of a download file before use.
File name´╝ÜRecoveryUSB_Ver.2.0_WEB.wim
MD5: 55A9DA03D3D3A5D958BCBDDC7165FF2C
SHA-1: 8395C5169E5C299C7269CA22870268ABCD388D86
SHA-256: B71B505B6CE2DC5AD9AF8BF8C85D1B2C53359790CD5EFC80ED10CBA4B14973AE

Structure Image

How to use a Recovery USB Creation Tool

  1. Download the "" from the download link below.
  2. Extract the download file.
  3. Disconnect all connected devices, and then insert the recovery USB to the product.
  4. Execute "RecoveryUSBCreationTool.exe".
  5. Select the USB device name of the recovery USB from "Select a disk".
    If connecting or disconnecting the USB memory after executing the exe file, click the update button to refresh the pull-down list.

  6. Click the icon on the right in "Select a RecoveryUSB image", and select the wim file.
    The wim file is the image data of the recovery USB.

  7. Click Start.
  8. Read the message in "Warning Message", and click OK.
    This may take a few minutes.
  9. The recovery USB has been created.

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