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EZ Series - Pro-face's USB Solutions


Easily connect to HMI with USB solutions

EZ Illuminated Switch allow operations where tactile feedback is desired. They are suitable for special operations like positioning and in situations when it is necessary to keep an eye on equipment when holding down a switch. EZ Fingerprint Recognition Unit can be configured in 15-level password functions to reduce problems or accidents caused by inappropriate password use.

Cabling, Settings, Mounting, all is EZ.

EZ cabling : connected with a USB cable.

Easily connect to HMI with a USB cable. Cabling labor time is reduced.

EZ settings : used without any programming

Settings can be configured on screen-creation software or HMI without any programming.

EZ mounting : mounting in a Φ22 mm circular hole

The circular hole makes additional mounting easy. *Except EZ Tower Light.