Multi-Converter for SP5000 Series

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Step Towards IoT

High-function data-collecting device with two serial ports, three Ethernet ports, one SD card or CFast card slot, and two or more USB ports. Ideal for complex system or multi-equipment data collection.

What is Multi-Converter?

"Multi-Converter" is the name of the products with combination of SP5000 Box Module (Open Box: PFXSP5B41, PFXSP5B40 (End of sale: Mar. 30, 2018) *1, Power Box: PFXSP5B10) and DC Power Supply Adapter (PFXZCDADEXP1).

*1 Before use, the system update is required when the rivision is SV6.1 or earlier. The system update module can be downloaded from here.
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Improve Efficiency by Visualizing Production

Merge data from different devices.

Unify protocols and collect data efficiently.
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Tablet-based on-demand HMI

See status of equipment or devices in the right place at the right time.
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HMI for ANDON (Large-sized monitor)

Optimize work by sharing production status.
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System Configuration

* The DVI port is mounted on the Open Box only.
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