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CANopen configuration tool

Connect the Pro-face hardware to the CANopen bus

Pro-face HMI/Control and I/O product line up supporting CANopen technology.

CANopen is an open network that is supported by over 400 companies worldwide and promoted by CAN in Automation. CANopen is standardized in the EN50325-4 and in ISO15745-2 for its device description. Pro-face is committed to continuously research, investigate and evaluate its CANopen product offer to guarantee the required openness and interoperability.


Supported hardware

Any CANopen CiA-certified product can be used to interface with Pro-face Touch PLC products. To guarantee this interoperability we continuously evaluate our CANopen products with the many Control and Motion products in the market.

Supported Master modules: GP3000 series (only CA1M models), LT3000* and LT4000M.
*LT3000 requires the optional CANopen Master Unit CA8-CANLT-01.

Supported Slave modules*: Click here for documentation and an overview of supported hardware.
*Requires the optional CANopen Slave HTB Unit HTB1C0DM9LP.


Download the graphical CANopen configuration tool

Configure your Pro-face CANopen Slave modules in an easy way with the graphical CANopen configuration tool. Add and configure your I/O using Pro-face HTB module and tool.
The configuration tool can be installed as a plug-in inside GP-Pro EX. From within GP-Pro EX it will help you speeding up the CANopen configuration process. Download the CANopen configuration plug-in for GP-Pro EX here. (12.8 MB)