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Precautions for adding a new driver onto Windows Vista or later

Unlike any operation systems before Windows XP, Windows Vista or later displays a warning and confirming dialog box by the User Account Control (UAC) feature when installing a new driver. To add the downloaded driver to Windows Vista or later-based computer, please follow the following procedures.
■ Setup Procedure
1.Double click the driver installer, the "User Account Control" dialog box will appear.
Select "Allow" here, and the driver installer will start. Follow the wizard.
2.When installation is done, the "Program Compatibility Assistant" dialog box may appear. In this case, select "This program installed correctly." And installation will be completed correctly.
The "Program Compatibility Assistant" dialog box does not always appear. If you select "This program installed correctly" once, the dialog box will not appear any more. However, if you change the file path of the installer, the dialog box will appear again. In this case, please follow the procedure above.