Aiming to be the best interface with the environment, and safety and health

Pro-face recognizes that leaving the natural environment in a healthy state for the next generation is one of our fundamental responsibilities, will work continually to improve its environmental protection activities.

Environment, and Health and Safety Policy

We conserve and improve the environment through our business activities and protect our health and safety.

  • We strive to eliminate health and safety risks from our workplace and prevent injury and disease.
  • We strive to environmental protection through business activities, including energy conservation, resource saving, and prevent pollution.
  • Every employee is mindful of the responsibility related to Safety and Occupational Health and environmental considerations and participates in improvement activities.
  • We deliver continuous improvement in Management System and performance.
  • We abide by Schneider Electric's policies related to Environment and Occupational Health & Safety and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Efforts for occupational health and safety

In addition to efforts for sustainable product development, Schneider Electric Japan Holdings Ltd. ("SEJH") provides the work environment in which all employees work with peace of mind. To prevent occupational injuries, SEJH makes periodic safety patrol and takes actions to reduce near-miss incidents. Furthermore, SEJH makes efforts to maintain and improve the occupational environment in which the employees are healthy both physically and mentally with providing a safe driving course to avoid traffic accidents, periodic medical checkup or health screening for health management, meeting with an industrial doctor, flu vaccination, and consultation services for mental health.

Acquisition of Occupational health and safety management systems certification

For Osaka Office and Izumiotsu Office, we are certified ISO45001 for occupational health and safety management systems.

Registered establishmentsSchneider Electric Japan Holdings Ltd.
Scope of the registrationOsaka Office and Izumiotsu Office
Certification organizationBureau Veritas Certification
Registered number4617392 (Osaka Office)
196455-158-U (Izumiotsu Office)

RoHS compliance

The RoHS directive is a set of regulations issued by the European Union regarding hazardous substances that prohibits the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. All SEJH products produced since January 2006 are RoHS compliant.

Efforts to achieve CO2 reductions

SEJH strives to reduce its environmental impact by developing more energy efficient products such as the GP4000 series, which consumes up to 84% less power than previous SEJH models.

Promotion of conservation of resources and energy

SEJH works to reduce energy use at its factories. We reduce the amount of electricity, water, and copy paper used through annual environmental targets. We also strive to reduce unnecessary waste and energy use through activities aimed at improving product problems.

Reducing waste and recycling resources

SEJH works hard at recycling, in particular setting annual recovery targets for paper recycling, and ensuring that general waste produced by its factories is disposed of according to waste category. Since June 2007, we have worked to ensure that 100% of the industrial waste produced in the development and production processes for SEJH products is recovered and recycled.

Acquisition of ISO 14001 for environmental management systems

For Izumi Office, we attained ISO14001 certification for environmental management systems in October 2004. And we attained it for both Izumiotsu Office and Osaka Office in August 2015.

Registered establishmentsSchneider Electric Japan Holdings Ltd.
Scope of the registrationOsaka Office and Izumiotsu Office
Certification organizationBureau Veritas Certification
Registered numberJP022684 (Osaka Office) / 195539-U-A152 (Izumiotsu Office)

We make efforts to conserve the global environment from various aspects through the pro-environmental activities as described here.

Efforts towards green procurement

Pro-face has established Green Procurement Standards to mitigate the environmental impact of parts used in its products.
We take strict measures to ensure that our suppliers share our awareness of legal requirements and obey relevant laws such as the Act on Prohibition of Private Monopolization and Maintenance of Fair Trade and the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc., to Subcontractors.