Community (society)

Aiming to be the best interface with the community

Aiming to achieve a sustainable society, Pro-face is involved in initiatives to solve social problems, focusing on community and environment as key areas as part of its activities as a corporate citizen.

Disaster support

Schneider Electric Japan Holdings Ltd. ("SEJH") takes donations and conducts recovery and aid activities to help those in areas around the world affected by natural disasters under the policy of Schneider Foundation.
Volunteer activities in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake
Clearing away rubble / Cutting grass / Donating and installing Schneider solar panels and condensers

Support activities

SEJH conducts a variety of activities for facilities for youth or people with intellectual disabilities as SEJH's own support activity.

Medical aid to developing countries - Eco Cap activities

Ecocap activities involve collecting the caps of used plastic bottles to send vaccines to children in developing countries via the Ecocap Movement. SEJH contributes to society and participates in environmental protection activities through vaccine donations by collecting used plastic bottle caps at each of its business sites as well as promoting Ecocap activities with the cooperation of the community and volunteer support facilities via our Luli activities.
■ Target locations:
   Osaka Office, Izumiotsu Office, Chubu Branch, Tokyo Office
■ Participating organization:
   NPO Ecocap Movement
■ Activity: 
   Collection of bottle caps
■ Benefit: 
   One dose of polio vaccine per about 860 bottle caps collected
   Elimination of 6,300 g of CO2 emissions per about 860 bottle caps collected