People (Quality Policy)

Aiming to be the best interface with our customers

We will take what our customers have to say seriously and act so as to deserve the trust of our customers. To increase customer satisfaction, we will develop our skills and pursue ongoing improvement via optimal methods.

Quality Policy

Quality is the safety of our customers

We rise to a new challenge!
Meeting quality, product safety and reliability requirements is our baseline at Schneider Electric; but we aim for more!
Our customers expect nothing less than continuous improvement and innovation beyond expressed needs, to set new industry standards. Quality, product safety and reliability demand the active engagement of all, without exception…
… because the quality of our solutions is the safety of our customers.

Schneider Electric Quality Policy

Acquisition of ISO 9001 for quality management systems

We attained ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems in August 1996.

Currently, we maintain the certification at three organizations based on Schneider Group policies
Registered establishmentsSchneider Electric Japan Holdings Ltd.
Scope of the registrationHMI Development site, production site and logistics site in Japan
Certification organizationBureau Veritas Certification
Registered number196426-U-15, 196426-U-16 (HMI Development Site)
195538-U-A169 (Production Site)
195538-U-A170 (Logistics Site)

We make continuous improvement in line with ISO9001 requirements so as to provide high-quality products and services that satisfy customers.

Working to ensure customer-focused product development

Providing a variety of control equipment and a wide range of communications drivers as well as connection methods with PCs, peripheral equipment, and I/O equipment, SEJH strives to develop products that allow workers on the factory floor to get information simply in a more easily understood format.

Since their original release in 1989, SEJH's programmable displays have continued to support software upgrades and original panel cutout dimensions, to ensure that digital graphic assets can be re-used and that displays can be easily replaced.

Working to ensure safer product development

SEJH works proactively to ensure that products conform to international standards and regulations so that they can be used safely when exported overseas. SEJH also strives to ensure that paperwork required for customs and safety inspections, such as certificates for international standards and RoHS directive compliance, is readily available from our website.

Working to ensure peace-of-mind through worldwide product support

In addition to our support helpline, Pro-face provides help solving technical issues through technology seminars and our technical support website, Otasuke Pro!. On Otasuke Pro!, customers can readily find information on product features, specifications, support, and manuals 24 hours a day 365 day a year no matter where they are in the world.
otasuke Pro!