Pro-Server EX Features

Easy Collection

Automated data collection

Pro-Server EX automatically collects data from PLCs and other devices in a wide variety of formats.

Real-time progress confirmation

Pro-Server EX uses Excel actions to display progress visually, making it easy to show the situation at a glance without resorting to complex programming.

Record and analyze downtime causes

Key points for improvement can be identified by analyzing downtime factors.

Track the data

Data can be freely processed in Excel according to usage. Easily create reports.

Record production progress data

The operating state of each piece of equipment and process is clearly visible.
Compile data from devices into structured reports using templates and Excel's edit functions.

Easy Distribution

Directly transmit operating instructions

Pro-Server EX communicates operating instructions, production plans, and other data created in the office directly to the production site.

Device to Device Communication

Even with no PC connected, you can share data with other equipment connected to the GP. All types of equipment and data can be accommodated.

Easy Setting

API feature and Action function

Pro-Server EX API connects with your current applications . Pro-Server EX can also access the data you are currently using by using Action functions.

E-mail Alerts

Configure Pro-Server EX to send an e-mail alert whenever a certain event occurs. When repairing defects, operators can immediately find solutions.

Siemens PLC's Tag Import Function

Import STEP7 Project File tag information, created by a Siemens PLC, into Pro-Server EX via GP-Pro EX screen data to reduce development time.

Tag Import
S7-200 SeriesS7-300/400 SeriesS7-1200 Series

See the following manual for the data type which can be imported.