Runtime Engine "WinGP"

WinGP - HMI screen data operable on a Windows PC

The IPC runtime engine, WinGP, can run screen data created for Pro-face HMI on GP-Pro EX software on a Windows PC. *1
In addition to sharing screen data *2 with GP, this feature allows you to build a system that is highly compatible with general applications providing excellent connectivity with peripheral devices and other advantages that only IPCs can offer.

*1 WInGP can be installed from GP-Pro EX DVD-ROM, only the license needs to be purchased.
-> GP-Pro EX Disk 2 
-> Software lineup

*2 Logic programming is not executable.

PC with graphic operator interface for space-saving

The system configuration which used to be built with PC, HMI and PLC can be built only with IPC and PLC.

Seamless communication with peripheral and control devices

Communication drivers are included as standard so there is no need to develop drivers for communication with PLCs, temperature controllers, and other control devices.

-> List of connectable (control) devices

Compatible with user applications

Dedicated API allows for flexible integration with in-house PC applications.

Communicate with user database using Handling API

Obtaining information and changing settings of WinGP can be performed through a user application.

Control devices through a user application using Device Address API

Addresses of devices in communication with WinGP can be read and written through a user application (in DLL format).
Supported languages: Visual C++, Visual Basic, C#, VB.NET, VBA