EZ LAN Adapter for simply networking the current machines/facilities, Dual IP would be standard in Pro-face HMI

Simply segment network for existing facility
Easily setup equipment modularly to suit your needs

IoT has been recently promoted in Automation, but they are facing a wide range of challenges. For example, when pushing forward networking of existing facilities, end user or machine builder need to adapt the changes to the facilities, and considering to add Ethernet switches for managing mass IP addresses. It requires time and cost, therefore, the networking often have been ended up giving up.

To solve such concerns, "EZ LAN adapter" that allows you to easily achieve networking by adding it will be released. This product is a USB-Ethernet converting adapter for GP4000 Series and allows you to easily add an additional Ethernet interface (RJ-45) to HMI. That promotes networking using the existing system and reduce workload for networking and managing IP address.

Since this is an optional product, end users just attach it to the existing GP4000 Series and equipment manufacturers can add it for only the customers who need it. It’s possible to easily start IoT.

Product Features

Divide Network Layer

  • Enable to divide IT network from Control network
  • Total two Ethernet interfaces on HMI (Two individual IP address)
  • Reduce workload for networking and managing IP address

Retrofit, Easily adapt existing machine/facility installed GP4000 Series

  • Thanks to the EZ Series concept (Optional USB connection), you can easily add Ethernet port

Configure by only HMI

  • No need to configure it by PC with software. It is easy for END user to add it.
EZ Series product page