EZ Series Features

EZ Tower Light Features

Streamlines Panel Interior

A single product for a wide range of customers

Make system status easier to understand

No screen design required! Image data for settings included

Select from one of three modes (direct/normal/combination) to suit application

EZ LAN Adapter Features

Network & segment existing facilities at low cost

Adding the EZ LAN adapter allows an existing HMI to have two different IP addresses. Using the HMI as a gateway, the office and production networks of a factory can be physically segmented. Reduce costs for purchasing and installation of control network equipment.

Easily setup equipment modularly to suit your needs

Easily connect equipment to office networks by adding the EZ LAN adapter. Simply add EZ LAN adapter and connect the device to the office network. By using the EZ LAN adapter for connecting to the office network, there is no need to change the IP address of each control equipment device. Networking can be accomplished with minimal installation effort.

EZ Illuminated Switch Features

Easy and flexible configuration of lamps and switches

Lamps can be configured in six colors and 3 blink status in the screen editor software, GP-Pro EX.
Switches can be configured for bit, word, screen change, special feature and selector feature. EZ Illuminated Switch feature easily printable insert labels.
*For example: HOME, Change Screen, Change, Speed, Run, Stop, Reset, Auto, Manual and etc...

Configurable external switches for machine operability with tactile feedback

EZ Illuminated Switch allow operations where tactile feedback is desired. They are suitable for special operations like positioning and in situations when it is necessary to keep an eye on equipment when holding down a switch.

Indicate status of not displayed screens for each line or machine

EZ Illuminated Switch can be set to indicate alarm status with different colors according to current status. All alarm histories in the display unit can be checked and operated on one EZ Illuminated Switch. You can check alarm status even when operating another screen or when the display unit is in standby mode.

EZ Numpad Features

Configuring settings smoothly

When settings need to be configured frequently, the increase in the number of cramped data entry screens to accommodate on-screen numeric keypads and the number of times the operator needs to switch between screens leads to reduced operability and misoperation. Using the EZ Numpad frees up screen real estate, leading to improved operability. This reduces the stress associated with frequent settings configuration.

Additional features:
  • Tactile feedback for trusty input operation.
  • Input numbers and letters even when wearing gloves.
  • Prevents deterioration of display caused by operation with dirty hands.

Reduced number of screens for setting configuration

On equipment that requires configuration of settings (such as recipe changes), it is necessary to create multiple setting configuration screens to ensure sufficient space for a digital numeric keypad. Using an EZ Numpad lets you leverage the full width of the display, reducing the number of man-hours required for screen design and improving legibility.

Easy data entry in a position away from the display

An EZ Numpad can be installed and used for settings and operation even in a remote location that is hard to see from the control panel. This feature is handy for simple adjustment when starting up the equipment or at changeover.

Additional features:
- Optional attachment for installing EZ Numpad on walls (model: PFXZCEATWM1).
- USB connection provides plug-and-play functionality, and allows keypad to be used only when needed.
- Keypad can be installed up to 5m (including the length of the USB cable in the equipment)away from display when using a commercially available USB cable.

Reduced need for redesigning if membrane keypads and microcomputers go out of production

Parts going out of production can cause problems if equipment employs membrane keypads and microcomputers. Discontinued parts result in a lot of work and time spent on tasks like redesigning, purchasing, and applying for standards certification. The reliable supply of Pro-face HMI and EZ Numpad eliminates worries about models going out of production. Additionally, connection and setup do not require programming, giving you more freedom to change specifications.

EZ Fingerprint Recognition Unit Features

Fingerprint Authentification on HMI Operation

EZ Fingerprint Recognition Unit can be configured in 15-level password functions to reduce problems or accidents caused by inappropriate password use.
Fingerprint data is registered and maintained through an HMI or PC connected to EZ Fingerprint Recognition Unit.
*Fingerprint data for up to 100 users can be stored.
*Fingerprint registration software for PC is coming soon on GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.1 package or from download.
*You can register or delete fingerprint data by PC or HMI. The registration by PC is done on Fingerprint Recognition Setting Tool, which is included in GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.1 package. The fingerprint data can be imported to different screen data to use in other GP.