PS4000 Features


Disk-less System for Secure Operation

SSD,CFast* or CF Card with Embedded OS ensures stable operation even in locations subject to vibration or shock.
Photo: Embedded model
*PS-4600 only

For Sites Where Uninterrupted PC Operation is Required

All models can be used continuously for 24 hours including products equipped with a hard disk drive.

Increased Parts Life Time

A large-size heat sink and intelligent fan control reduce load on the components.
Photo: PS4800 or PS4700 model
* Fan-less models with extended maintenance cycle and low energy consumption.

For Stable OS Shutdown Anywhere

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is available.
Photo: PS4800 or PS4700 Model

Highly Corrosion-resistant and Hygienic

The stainless steel bezel*1 models are resistant to corrosion caused by gases, chemicals, steam,etc*2 , and can be used also in a hygiene-conscious environment such as Food & Beverage industry.
*1 Comply with "Stainless steel grade 304"
*2 Comply with "FDA 21 CFR 177.2006, EN1672-2"

High-speed Processing

Powerful processor the CPU, CFast* for the storage, USB 3.0* for the port, and PCI Express for the expansion slot.
* PS-4600 only

HDD Mirroring for Backup

When a disk is failed, the data is secured because of the disk mirroring function.
* The PS-4600 with Core™ i3 supports disk mirroring.



Functions of PS-4600 can be extended with each type of option even after purchase.
  • Expansion Slot
  • Memory
  • DVD Multi-Drive
  • Storage (CFast, HDD, SSD)
  • UPS
  • Expansion COM

Easily Replaceable HDD Drive

The cartridge type HDD/SSD allows easy replacement.
Photo: PS-4800 and PS-4700 Aluminum Bezel Model

Easily Replaceable Fan

A fan kit is provided as a maintenance product to enable easy replacement by the customer.


Reusing HMI Resources

With the runtime engine WinGP, screens created in the "HMI Screen Editor Software" GP-Pro EX can be used on a PC.
* Logic programming is not available for PS4000 series.

Rear Mount Model Available

Using the rear mounting model allows you to make flat the border of the display part and the control board.
* PS-4600 only

Industrial Touch Monitor

Flat Panel Display FP5000 Series can be connected with DVI or analog RGB.


Operating System with Long-Term Supply

A licensing agreement with Microsoft® allows us to provide a long-term supply of the product.
Because Windows® XP is sold till 2016, there's enough time for replacement work.

Windows® XP Professional (till Dec. 31 in 2016)
Windows® 7 (till Sept. 30 in 2024)
Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 (till Aug. 1 in 2024)
Windows® Embedded Standard 7 (till July 27 in 2025)
*We can sell Windows® OS during the period above, but that does not guarantee supply of our products during the same period.

Fan-less Model with Lower Operating Noise

The PS-4600 units without HDD do support fan-less operation.
All PS4000 Series with Atom™ CPU don't require a fan as well.

Support in 22 Countries

Repair service is available in 22 countries.

Various Safety Standard Acquisition

All of the most common safety standards are acquired, so products can be trusted when exporting and importing.
UL/cUL (UL508), UL HazLoc (ANSI/ISA 12.12.01), CE mark, ATEX Zone 2/22 (Gas/Dust), C-Tick, KC mark, GOST

Marine Safety Standard Acquisition

Support GL (Germanischer Lloyd)

* Except PS-4600
Marine Safety Standard Acquisition