PE4000B Series Features


Easy Selection

Straight forward line up without confusing options or types. Simple selection and short lead time, no BTO sheets

Various Interfaces

COM×6 (max.), Ethernet×3 (max.), USB×5 (max.), 8 points (selectable I/O). Connect to multiple devices at a time.

Global Certificates

All of the most common safety standards are acquired, so products can be trusted when exporting and importing.


Easy to install

Highly compact design and mountable via DIN rail or directly. Freedom of product placement and convenient installation.

Peace of mind

No moving/rotating parts such as fan or HDD. Stable operation in locations subject to vibration or shock.

Green footprint

Energy efficient design with low heat emission. No strong panel ventilation required.


Mobilize your PC

The Pro-face Remote HMI Server links PC software with your mobile device.
Flexible and secure operation of Windows software on mobile devices regardless of the software.

PC based HMI

The pre-installed WinGP engine that allows you to use programs created in GP-Pro EX can be used on a PC.
Reliable software with drivers for almost every device.
*The logic program feature is not available within WinGP.

Real-time data processing

Pro-Server EX links shop floor to top floor in an efficient and easy way to use manner.
Simple to use but effective software for data transparency.
*The Pro-Server EX can only be used in Client mode in conjunction with WinGP.

Display on demand

The industrial displays of the FP5000 Series can be connected via analog RGB or the HDMI to DVI converter.
Industrial grade monitor for vivid display.
*Users should prepare a strain relief when using the adapter.


Various interfaces for transparent production processes

A great communicator with the flexibility to connect to various devices using multiple communication technologies.
Various interfaces for transparent production processes

Compact size and low power consumption

Suiting the needs of AGV and picking cart applications.
Compact size and low power consumption

Pro-face mobility solutions for remote access

Check real time production data, and check battery or location.
Pro-face mobility solutions for remote access