A model on which a video unit can be additionally attached has just joined in GP4000 Series

Suitable for customers who are going to replace GP3000 Series
with the video unit mounted or show analog camera images on a GP unit.

On manufacturing floors where visualization has been promoted further, utilizing camera images has become increasingly important. To meet the needs, we have expanded GP4000 Series so that you can add a video unit on GP4000 Series. Camera images can be now shown on GP4000 Series. Customers who have used GP3000 Series M class or GP3000 Series with a video unit attached can take this opportunity to replace it with GP-4621T/GP-4521T and utilize an HMI unit compatible with a video unit for expansion making the most of the latest standard features the HMI unit has.

Product Features

  1. Compatible Video Unit:
    - VM Unit (GP3000-VM01) - Video Input: 4ch, DVI-I input: 1ch, DVI-I output: 1ch
    - RGB Input Unit (GP3000-RGB201) - Analog RGB input: 2ch
  2. Compatible with Pro-face Remote HMI
    * Not with video image display.
  3. Compatible with EZ Series
  4. Compatible software: GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.07.300 or later

For details of replacing GP3000, refer to the replacement guidebook.

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