The GP4000 Series Standard Model (Supporting Video Unit) lineup has been added the DC Model !

Suitable for customers who are going to replace GP3000 Series
with the video unit mounted or show analog camera images on a GP unit.

On manufacturing floors where visualization has been promoted further, utilizing camera images has become increasingly important. To meet the needs, we have expanded GP4000 Series so that you can add a video unit on GP4000 Series. Camera images can be now shown on GP4000 Series. Customers who have used GP3000 Series M class or GP3000 Series with a video unit attached can take this opportunity to replace it with GP-4621T/GP-4521T and utilize an HMI unit compatible with a video unit for expansion making the most of the latest standard features the HMI unit has.

Product Features

  1. Compatible Video Unit:
    - VM Unit (GP3000-VM01) - Video Input: 4ch, DVI-I input: 1ch, DVI-I output: 1ch
    - RGB Input Unit (GP3000-RGB201) - Analog RGB input: 2ch
  2. Compatible with Pro-face Remote HMI
    * Not with video image display.
  3. Compatible with EZ Series
  4. Compatible software: GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.07.300 or later

For details of replacing GP3000, refer to the replacement guidebook.

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