GC4000 Series Connectable Devices

Communication Driver List of Connectable Devices


Manufacturer Name Series
Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. H, EH-150, MICRO-EH, Web Controller, EHV
KEYENCE Corporation KV-700/1000/3000/5000/5500, KV Series, Visual KV
KOYO ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd. KOSTAC SG/SU/SZ/PZ3/SR, DL205/305/405, Direct Logic05/06
LS Industrial Systems Co., Ltd. K1000S, K300S, K200S, K120S, K80S, XGK
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation MELSEC AnA/AnN/Q (A mode)/QnA/Q/L/FX
OMRON Corporation SYSMAC C/α/CV/CS1/CJ1/CJ2/CP1/CP1E
Panasonic Electric Works SUNX Co., Ltd. FP
Rockwell Automation, Inc. SLC500, PLC-5, ControlLogix, MicroLogix, CompactLogix
Schneider Electric SA Nano, Micro, Premium, Twido, Quantum, Momentum, MODBUS communication devices
Siemens AG SIMATIC S7-200/S7-300/S7-400, 90U - 115U Series, 135U/155U Series, SIMATIC S5 Series
TOSHIBA Corporation T Series, V Series, EX Series
Shibaura Machine CO., LTD. TC200/200S, TCmini
YASKAWA Electric Corporation Control Pack, MP900/2000, MEMOCON GL/SC/Micro

Temperature Controller

Manufacturer Name Series
RKC INSTRUMENT Inc. CB, FB400/FB900, HA400/900, MA900/901, SRV, SRX, SA100/200, SR Mini HG (H-PCP-A/B/H-PCP-J), REX-F9000/F/D/G9/P300/P250/AD/PG, AE500, LE100, SRZ (Z-TIO), SRZ (Z-DIO), SRZ (Z-CT), SRZ (Z-COM)
Yamatake Corporation SDC10/15/20/21/25/26/30/31/35/36/40A/40B/40G/45/46, DMC10/50, DCP31/32/551/552, CMC10B


Manufacturer Name Series
Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. L300P, SJ200/300, SJ700/700-2, SJH300, HFC-VAH3, X200, L200, WJ200
YASKAWA Electric Corporation Varispeed AC/F7/F7S/G7/L7, VS mini J7/V7, VS-606V7, V1000, J1000, Analog Voltage/Pulse Train Reference Type SERVOPACKs For Rotary Servomotors, Analog Voltage/Pulse Train Reference Type SERVO PACKs For Linear Servomotors

Other Devices

Manufacturer Name Series
Schneider Electric Japan Holdings Ltd. PC or Micro computer board etc.
Modbus-IDA MODBUS Compatible External Device
* Some connection types are not supported. For the details, download Device/PLC connection manual.