ET6000 Series Options

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Serial Interface

Product NameModel No.Description
RS-232C Isolation UnitCA3-ISO232-01Connects a host controller to this product and provides isolation
(RS-232C and RS-422 are switchable).

USB (Cables/Adapters)

USB (Type A) Interface

Product NameModel No.Description
USB Front Cable (1 m)CA5-USBEXT-01Extension cable that attaches USB interface to the front panel.
USB Clamp Type A (1 port)PFXZCBCLUSA1Clamp to prevent disconnection of USB cable
(USB Type A, 1 port, 5 clamps/set)

USB (micro-B) interface

Product NameModel No.Description
USB Transfer CablePFXZUSCBMB2Cable for transferring screen data from a PC (USB Type A) to
this product (USB micro-B)
USB (micro-B) Front CablePFXZCIEXMB2Extension cable that attaches USB interface to the front panel.
USB ClampType mini BZC9USCLMB1Clampto preventdisconnectionofUSB cable (for 1 port, USB Typemini B, 5 pieces/set)
*USB Clampmini-Bcan be used for optionalUSB micro-Bcables.


Product NameModel No.Description
GP-Pro EXPFXEXEDV**HMI Screen Editor & Logic Programming Software
GP-Pro EX Editor License*1PFXEXEDLS**GP-Pro EX editor license
GP-Pro EX Editor Group License*2PFXEXGRPLS40GP-Pro EX editor group license (10 licenses)

*1 Purchase this product when installing GP-Pro EX in a second or subsequent PC. One license is required for each PC.
*2 Group License consists of one set of Serial No./Key Code for installation on 10 PCs. (Should be used in the same office. Supports GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.0 or later.)


Product NameModel No.DescriptionCompatible Model
Screen Protection Sheet
with UV protected

Disposable, dirt-resistant sheet for the display 
and ultra-violet protection sheet (1 sheet /set)

Screen Protection Sheet12-inchPFXZCDDS122Disposable, dirt-resistant sheet for the display
(5 sheets/set)
UV ProtectionSheet12-inchPFXZCFUV122Sheet to protect the display from dirt and ultraviolet light,
for 12-inchWide screen(1 sheet).


* Please purchase when the product is damage or lost.
Product NameModel No.DescriptionCompatible Model
Installation FastenerPFXZCFAF1Used to install 7-inch,10-inchand12-inchWide modelinto a solidpanel (4 pieces/set).ET-6400WA
PFXZCIAFTF1Used to install 15-inchWide modelinto a solid panel (2 pieces/set)ET-6700WA
Installation GasketPFXZCWG4W1Provides dust and moisture resistance
when this product is installed into a solid panel (1 piece).
DC Power Supply ConnectorCA5-DCCNM-01Connector to connect DC power supply cables.All models
Battery for Data BackupPFXZGEBT1Primary battery for memory and time data backup (1 piece).All models