SP-5B41 (Windows 10 Model) Update Module


TitleSP-5B41(Windows 10 Model) Update Module
Software VersionVer. 2.0
Major Updated Contents
  • PFXSP5B411
    Support Task Switcher
    Support TPC Firmware Update
    Update Calibration (Improve behavior)
  • PFXSP5B412
    Update Calibration (Improve behavior)
    Update Task Switcher (Improve behavior)
Update TargetThis update patch can be used for the following SV.
  • PFXSP5B411
    Product NameModel No.PVRLSV
  • PFXSP5B412
    Product NameModel No.PVRLSV
System EnvironmentWindows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC 32bit (SP-5B41)

How to install

  • Unzip the downloaded file and execute "SP-5B41(Win10)_Update_Ver.2.0.exe" on the product to be updated with the administrator account.
    * Before installing the file, confirm that the Write Filter function (UWF) is set to "Disable".
    * The extension (.exe) may not be displayed.

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