Shibaura Machine Corporation Robot Controller Sample Project File For TS5000


This sample project file is for connecting GP4000 / SP5000 / ST6000 Series with the robot controller TS5000 manufactured by Shibaura Machine Corporation. When using the Robot, we provide functions to use more convenient.


Supported Connection Devices

ManufacturerProduct NameSeriesNote
Shibaura Machine CorporationRobot Controller-TS5000
The “High-speed Ethernet” functionality is needed in order to connect a TS5000 robot controller to GP4000 / SP5000 / ST6000 Series.
In addition, there are optional features that cannot be used along with this feature, so please contact the Shibaura Machine Corporation if you wish to use them.

Target HMI

SeriesResolutionDisplay unit type of the sample project file*1Screen Editor
GP4000 Series
SP5000 Series
SP5000X Series
ST6000 Series
640 x 480 dot(VGA)GP-4501T(Analog Touch Panel)GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.00.000 or later
800 x 480 dot(WVGA)*2Box Module:SP-5B10
Display Module:SP-5400WA
GP4000 Series320 x 240 dot(QVGA)GP-4301T

*1If you use the other models, you can change a model in the GP-Pro EX project file. For details, please refer to the Technical Guide.

*2For WVGA (800×480 pixels),there is function button area at the right of the screen. Please read the manual, "Functions Added to Sample Project File for SP5000 Wide Model".


  • Robot Controller status can be checked on a GP unit.
  • Batch monitoring of the state of signals being communicated between the robot and internal PLC (interface relay state).
    Bits can also be forcibly set and reset.
  • Acquire and display the robot's current position.
  • Alarm history can be viewed on a GP unit.
  • The alarm history can be checked by displaying the robot controller data.
  • " Alarm reset", “Program reset", “Signal reset" and “Buzzer off" instructions can be output to the controller.
  • As maintenance functions, device monitor, I/O monitor time chart, and data transfer to connected device screens have been prepared.

* If you do not have a communication driver that corresponds to GP-Pro EX when using the project data, please download it from our website.

Terms of use / Cautions

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Download file

GP-4501T / VGA(640*480)
3.50 MB (3,668,292 Byte)
SP-5400WA / WVGA(800*480)
3.50 MB (3,672,530 Byte)
GP-4301T / QVGA(320*240)
2.93 MB (3,070,294 Byte)

Update History

[Rev 04] (2024/04/02)

  • Deleted “It is necessary to incorporate a dedicated ladder logic program into the robot controller.”

[Rev 03] (2021/10/15)

  • Modify connection setting
  • Added supported robot controller version

[Rev 02] (2021/04/20)

  • Change the description of communication settings

[Rev 01] (2021/03/26)

  • New Release