YASKAWA Electric Corporation Sigma-7 Series AC Servo Drive Two-Axis SERVOPACKs with Built-in Controllers Sigma-7C Device Connection Sample


This sample project file is for connecting the GP4000/SP5000 Series and YASKAWA Electric Corporation 2-axis Integrated SERVOPACK Σ-7C with controller. By using this project, you can troubleshoot the controller section and maintain the SERVOPACK from the display unit.


Last Updated : Aug. 19 2022
Posted : Dec. 20, 2017

Supported Connection Devices

ManufacturerProduct NameSeriesModel
YASKAWA Electric CorporationTwo-Axis SERVOPACKs with Built-in Controllers Sigma-7CSigma-7 Series SERVOPACKsSGD7C-***AMAA

Target HMI

SeriesResolutionDisplay unit type of the sample project file*1Screen Editor
GP4000 Series
SP5000 Series
640 x 480 dot(VGA)GP-4501T(Analog Touch Panel)GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.09.120 or later

SP5000 Series
SP5000X Series
ST6000 Series

1280 x 800 dot (WXGA)ST-6600WAGP-Pro EX Ver. 4.09.300 or later
ST6000 Series1024 × 600 dot (WSVGA)ST-6500WAGP-Pro EX Ver. 4.09.300 or later

*1If you use the other models, you can change a model in the GP-Pro EX project file. For details, please refer to the Technical Guide.


Controller Section
  • Various registers required for troubleshooting can be monitored without using a dedicated tool.
  • Details of the error generated in Sigma-7C Controller Section can be checked.
  • Abnormality content is identified based on the LED and the alarm code displayed on the CPU, and troubleshooting and sections to be checked are displayed. Since the alarm code is converted into a message and the related items are displayed, the cause of the alarm can be quickly identified.
  • Maintenance monitor settings of MPE720 is read, and power consumption and predicted life for each axis can be checked by using a bar graph. Power consumption can be displayed by means of a chart in any combination of axes.
Servo Section
  • Sigma-7 Series Display Edit Parameters.
  • Sigma-7 Series Display Monitor (Operation, State, I/O, Alarm)
  • Able to achieve trace function.
  • Able to display QR code.
  • Able to use in combination with sample of communication message type (for slave).

We do not guarantee that the operation of this sample will be uninterrupted or error-free.

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Download file

for GP-4501T / VGA (640 x 480)
17.71 MB (18,566,288 Byte)
For ST-6500WA / WSVGA (1024 × 600)
40.71 MB (42,684,026 Byte)
For ST-6600WA / WXGA (1280 × 800)
60.98 MB (63,941,326 Byte)

Update History

[REV. 01] (Aug. 19 2022)
- Supports ST6000 Series
- Update Technical Guide 5.2. Target HMI Devices


[REV. 00] (Dec. 20 2017)
- New