[ORIENTAL MOTOR] Stepping Motor Connection (aSTEP AR Series AC Power Input)


You can connect GP4000/LT4000M Series to a motor driver to operate and surveil a motor.


Supported Connection Devices

ManufacturerSupported Model
ORIENTAL MOTOR Co., Ltd.High Efficiency Stepping Motor Unit αSTEP AR Series
(AC Power Input Positioning Function Built-in Type)

Target HMI

Related UnitsGP4000 Series
LT4000M Series
ResolutionQVGA (320 x 240 pixels)
Related ModelsGP-4301T
Motor Driver Maximum Connected Units16 axises (maximum units with this project file)

AR Series has been changed its design after the shipment of Jan. 2014. Please confirm the manufacturing date, and then select the download file.
For further information about the design change, please contact to Oriental Motor Co., Ltd. The sample for GP3000/LT3000 Series does not support the design change.

  • The manual PDF included in the exe file is only Japanese available.
  • The PDF file of an explanatory material is also compressed into this file.
  • GP-4301T, LT-4301TM and LT-3300S support this connection device sample.
  • GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.01.203 or later is required. GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.12.000 or later is required for LT-4301TM.
  • We do not guarantee that the operation of this sample will be interrupted or error-free.
  • No PDF manual for LT-4301TM is included, but screen transition and others are the same as GP4000, so the manual for GP4000 can be referred.


  • Monitor various AR series information without using dedicated PC software.
  • Connect up to 16 axes worth of AR series units simultaneously. (Provided you do not exceed 16 axes, you can connect an arbitrary number of axes and the number of each axis is also arbitrary.)
  • JOG Operation instructions from LT Series and GP Series, and the present position can be reflected to voluntary operation data. (Teaching operation)
  • Send JOG Operation instructions from an LT series or GP series unit. (Teaching operation with multi screens)
  • Upload the motor's parameters and operation data to a USB memory device through the USB port that the LT series and GP series units are equipped with as standard. This uploaded information can then be reused by downloading it to other motors that are connected to the LT series and GP series units.
  • The operation data is uploaded to a USB memory device as a CSV file, which can be used as general-purpose data.
  • The details of occurring alarms are displayed as text, which is useful when performing the primary maintenance on site.

How to Install

These download files are self-extracting files.
Double-click on the file to open a sample file and the PDF file of an explanatory material.

Download file

Before design change
6.34 MB (6,651,561 Byte)
After design change
6.37 MB (6,675,207 Byte)

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Update history

[Rev. 02]  (2014/3/12)

  • Some bugs are fixed.

[Rev. 01]  (2014/2/12)

  • The sample project file for LT-4301TM is added.

[Rev. 00]  (2013/6/5)

  • New