[Yaskawa Electric Corporation] PLC / Machine Controller Connection Sample


You can connect Machine Controller MP2000 Series manufactured by Yaskawa Electric Corporation with SP5000/GP4000 Series to be able to investigate the causes of various errors and have answers (troubleshooting).


Supported Connection Devices

ManufacturerSupported Model
YASKAWA Electric CorporationMachine Controller MP2000 Series

Target HMI

Related Units/
Supported Box Models
SP5000 Series / SP-5B10, SP-5B40
ResolutionWVGA (800×480 pixels)VGA (640×480 pixels)
Related ModelsSP-5400WASP-5500TP
  • GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.03.100 or later is required.
  • When this sample is used with Open Box (SP-5B40) and display modules of different resolutions, to change the setting of display unit in GP-Pro EX is required.
  • For WVGA (800×480 pixels),there is function button area at the right of the screen. Please read the manual," Functions Added to Sample Project File for SP5000 Wide Model ".
  • We do not guarantee that the operation of this sample will be interrupted or error-free.


  • Able to start and stop the program created and registered by support tool soft (MA-Manager)
  • S register, necessary for troubleshooting, can be monitored without using a dedicated support tool.
  • Errors occurring in Machine Controller MP2000 series can be examined in detail.
  • The cause of a trouble and its troubleshooting are displayed with guidance. You will be able to find the cause of the trouble and fix it by operating the controller following the guidance.
  • Errors will be investigated in the four categories as follows.
    Checking the axis status
    Checking LEDs on the front panel of the basic module
    Checking the option module
    Checking the motion program
  • Details of an occurring alarm can be displayed in text, which will be useful for on-site first-step troubleshooting.
  • Displayed screen can be captured, which will be useful for on-site first-step troubleshooting.
  • Alarm histories (servo alarm, SVC alarm, CPU alarm, option modules alarm) can be displayed and saved as a CSV file.

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