[Azbil Corporation (Former: Yamatake Corporation)] Burner Controllers BC-R35 Series


You can connect burner controllers BC-R35 Series (Time-limited pilot) manufactured by Azbil Corporation (Former: Yamatake Corporation) with GP4000/LT4000M/ST6000 Series, and BC-R35 Series can be used as a monitoring tool (Time-limited pilot).


Supported Connection Devices

ManufacturerSupported Model
Azbil CorporationBurner Controllers BC-R35 Series

Target HMI

SeriesResolutionDisplay unit type of the sample project fileScreen Editor
GP4000 Series320 x 240 dot (QVGA)GP-4201T
GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.00.000 or later
LT4000M Series*1LT-4201TM
ST6000 Series640 x 480 dot (VGA)ST-6300TGP-Pro EX Ver. 4.09.500 or later
800 x 480 dot (WVGA)ST-6400WA

*1 GP-4301T support this connection device sample.

We do not guarantee that the operation of this sample will be uninterrupted or error-free.


  • Status monitoring screen which allows a user to check the operation state and the input/output state of the BC-R35 in real time
  • Playback display function which displays the state change before and after the lockout occurs (8 seconds before the lockout and 1.9 seconds after the lockout).
  • CSV file save function which outputs the data during playback display as a CSV file.
  • Alarm history screen which displays the general-purpose alarm history display and BC-R alarm in detail.
  • Automatic data collection of detailed alarms for BC-R and data for playback display (Data for 16 times are accumulated in the HMI device.)

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GP4000 / LT4000M Series
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