FP6000 Series Utility x86


Last update:2023/05/19


TitleFP6000 Series Utility x86
Supported OSWindows 10 32bit (Build version is 1809 or more.)
DescriptionWhen this utility is installed on a product, the product can use the following features.
*For details of each function, refer to the User Manual.

Utility Name

  • Application Launcher
  • Brightness
  • Buzzer
  • Calibration
  • Front USB
  • Touch Mode
  • FP6 System
  • User cannot use this utility installer at the same time as FP5000 Series and SP5000 Series Multi Display Adapter.
  • The Application Launcher layout will be partially reset when use this installer
  • Utilities are not supported on 2 units of FP6000 displays operating on Windows 10 32bit version.

How to Install

  1. Download the following data from download page of “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package” and execute it. File name may be changed by Microsoft.
    Installation of this module may fail if your product status doesn't require it to be installed.
    • vc_regist.x86.exe

  2. Download the following data from Pro-face Web Page and Extract those.
    • Display Communication USB Driver.zip
    • FP6_Utility_Installer_Ver.1.4_x86.zip

  3. Execute the "dpinst.exe" in the "Display Communication USB Driver for FP6000.zip".
    When your product is 32bit, execute it under the 32bit folder.

  4. Execute Setup.exe in FP6_Utility_Installer_Ver.x.x.x.x.zip.

Terms of use / Cautions

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Update history

[Ver. 4.0](2023/05/19)

The following issue was corrected.
  • Changed installation processes.
  • FP6000 Utility Installer x64 merged into PFXP6 Utility Installer x64.

[Ver. 1.4](2021/10/27)

The following issue was corrected.
  • The front USB setting cannot be enabled/disabled
    Target model:PFXFP6600TMD, PFXFP6700TMD

[Ver. 1.3](2021/8/6)

  • Support uninstallation.

[Ver. 1.2](2021/7/30)

  • New Create