[CAD (2D)] PS6000 Series (19" Wide : PFXDM6800WC + Advanced Box)


Model: PFXDM6800WC + Advanced BOX / PFXDM6800WC + Advanced BOX + Expansion slot + Fan


To reduce file size, some parts have been simplified. This 3D data is intended for design consideration. Data not required for this purpose has been omitted.

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DXF(2D) : PFXDM6800WC + Advanced BOX :
3.9 MB (4,086,592Byte)
Last update: 2021/01/08
DXF(2D) : PFXDM6800WC + Advanced BOX + Expansion slot + Fan :
3.8 MB (3,984,529Byte)
Last update: 2021/01/08