BLUE 3.3 Hot Fix 1 Installer


Posted: Oct. 7, 2022

This installer shall be used in case you face specific problem using later released BLUE 3.3 Service Pack 1 version. 

  • Be sure to download the installationmodule. After downloading, start installation using the file on the computer to be installed. If a network drive is used, installation cannot be performed normally.
  • This file is very large. Downloading over a slow connection will require a long time.
  • This trial software does not allow transfer of the screen data which you have created to target machines.
  • This trial software works 42 days after installed. If you want to keep to use it, you will need to activate a license by License Manager.
  • For further information (Limitations or Cautions),please see Readme at the bottom of thispage.

Installation(These files are self-extracting.)

Prior to installation, be sure to close all software applications that are running.
  1. Double-click on installer file.
  2. Follow the instructions given.

File Description

  • BLUE3.3 Hot Fix 1Installer

Operating Environment

See BLUE Operating Environment

Terms of use / Cautions

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Download file

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