Russian Standards

EAC (Eurasian Conformity)

GOST-R (Russia) has been abolished since Feb. 15th, 2013, and the EAC mark system is now in use in the Russian customs union (CU: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus). Continued sale in the CU requires acquisition of the unified EAC mark.

Product Name *1 Certification No.
STW6000 Series JP.HA27.B.06678/18
ST6000 Series
SP5000 Series
GP4100 Series
GP4000 Series
GP4000M Series
GC4000 Series
GP3000 Series
LT4000M Series
PS5000 Series
PS4000 Series
PE4000B Series
FP5000 Series
FP3000 Series
Accessory (EZ Series)


To trade many product categories in Russia, you need to ensure that your products meet the stringent national safety regulations and standards of the GOST-R system.

*1 Please refer to the product specification pages about the acquisition status of standards for each product.